The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 12

Cream silk blouse

She wears a cream puff-sleeved silk blouse under a knit kneelength cowled dress, cream leather boots.

He wears his midnight blue tuxedo with a a white double-cuffed shirt and black bow tie.

Navy top and skirt with magenta trim

She wears a navy skirt and v-neck buttoned knit top with magenta trim (collar-buttonholes, cuffs), magenta and navy neckerchief, black knee high boots.

Brown vest and culottes / Navy suit

She wears a cream pinstriped blouse with brown vest and brown calf-length culottes, brown boots, brown cravat.

He wears a navy three-piece suit with a pale blue shirt and red tie. The suit is remarkable in that it’s a single-breasted jacket with a double-breasted waistcoat. Tailored waist wih a single button and two vents in the skirt.

Brown 3/4 length trousers

She wears a black skivvy, orange and navy cravat with brown 3/4 length creased trousers, black boots.

Pink minidress

She wears a deep pink minidress with rose cuffs, faux belt and neckline, matching shoes.

Green rollneck, navy tunic

She wears a green rollneck under a navy tunic.

Brown ‘Aztec’ minidress

She wears a brown minidress with Aztec-styled gold, russet & sequin trim at collar and front zipper, and cuffs.

Purple blouse

She wears a light purple blouse with black vest and fuschia tie and flares, black leather boots.

Black vest / Brown suede bomber jacket

She wears a white blouse with black vest with crimson silk lining (very briefly, while hanging upsidedoen outside his window).

He wears a brown suede bomber jacket, fawn skivvy and houndstooth trousers.

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