The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 8

Grey suit, brown shirt

He wears a light brown shirt with forest green tie, grey trousers by a doppelganger, later with a grey jacket and pale grey fedora by another doppelganger.

Hot pink miniskirt

She wears a hot pink miniskirt and sleeveless cardigan with navy blouse, black shoes.

Royal blue vest and slacks

She wears a royal blue slacks and vest (with gold frog) WITH A scarlet blouse with gathered cuffs.

Light grey suit

He wears a light grey suit, burgundy tie, lilac shirt, brown suede shoes and black fedora.

Brown leather jacket

She wears a distressed brown leather jacket, orange cream blouse and black stretch slacks.

Worn in:

Navy suit

He wears a deep navy single-breasted suit with black bowler hat, blue shirt and purple tie.

Worn in:

Swimming costume / beach wear

She wears a sheer black bathing gown over a black and purple swimming costume with mauve-tinted glasses with amber rims and tan shoes.

He wears a psychadelic print lime, purple and magenta shirt with cream trousers with cream socks and slip-ons, and black sunglasses.

Chocolate minidress

She wears a chocolate knit long-sleeved minidress, buttoned down the front to hem, powder blue trim, button hole and piping, with a matching chocolate and powder blue striped scarf, brown pumps.

Oatmeal tween jacket

She wears an oatmeal, blue and green diagonal check tweed jacket, three black buttons high on the front with a flared skirt with a white cotton skivvy and navy slacks.

Worn in:

Black rollneck and trousers

She wears a black cotton skivvy and stretch trousers with black shoes, later with her green jacket with patch pockets and blue buttons.

Black evening gown

She wears a black evening gown with inlaid sequins and diaphonous sleeves.

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