The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

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Black stretch cotton catsuit with vinyl facings

Black stretch cotton catsuit with vinyl facings front and back, fastened by buttons down the front. Usually worn with Edward Rayne’s white boots with a black central stripe.

Prince of Wales check jacket

Prince of Wales check jacket (grey with tan and green in the check), dark waistcoat with metal buttons, white shirt, dark tie, tan trousers, chelsea boots, bowler and umbrella
The bowler hats were exclusively made by Herbert Johnson & Sons, of 54 St. James Street - they now cost £300 each. The umbrellas (when they weren’t prop substitutes to ensure a neat line) were James Smith & Sons whangee cane handle city umbrellas, now costing £165 each (you can see why they used props when necessary!).
This may have been one of Patrick Macnee’s favourite suits - he wears it throughout the Cathy Gale series and on into the colour Emma Peel series.

‘TV’ with mini skirt

Alan Bates’ beautiful black and white ‘TV’ outfit with mini skirt, stocking with a diamond pattern, and patent leather pumps.

‘TV’ with trousers

White dress with black stitching

White dress with black stitching, long cuffs and padded shoulders.

Tan overcoat

woollen coat and brown serge suit

She wears a thick woollen jacket with embroidered collar and cuffs, secured with frog and toggle, over a woollen sleeveless top and straight skirt. All with white court shoes and black leather gloves.

He wears a brown serge suit, his waistcoat is high, with cloth covered buttons and wide lapels to match the jacket, which is single-breasted and double vented. Topped off with a black umbrella with whangee handle, black Chelsea boots and black bowler hat. A beige shirt and deep crimson tie with blue and orange flower pattern finish off the outfit.

Sleeveless blouse and pleated knee-length skirt

Sleeveless blouse and pleated knee-length skirt with white shoes, worn outside with a black fur coat.

Suede-fronted cardigan

Suede-fronted cardigan, grey skivvy and slacks.

Leather jumpsuit

Leather jumpsuit, zipped up the back with no breast, worn with leather boots and a black skivvy. Often worn with a matching leather jacket.

Worn in:

Surgical gown, cap and mask

(Disguising the outfit above).

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