The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

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Hot pink suit

She wears a hot pink suit, the jacket with an elasticated waist and black button, patch pockets, worn with a white blouse and pink tie with white polka dots.

Striped cardigan

He wears a vertically striped blue, grey and black cardigan with black trousers, black shirt and a burgundy cravat.

Charcoal three-piece suit

He wears a charcoal three-piece suit with a faint blue check, felt collar, single breasted, slanted covered hip pockets (same as his light grey suit except in charcoal) with a gin shirt and purple tie, and black bowler.

Worn in:

Brown dress / teal rollneck

She wears a brown cotton dress with white piping and a white fur coat.

He wears a dark teal rollneck and matching cardigan with hideous brown vertically striped trousers.

Worn in:

Red overcoat / Light grey suit

She wears a red double-breasted overcoat, tan calf boots, tan gloves, tan and cream scarf.

He wears a light grey suit with a plain collar, slanted, covered hip pockets and a single vent in the skirt.

Worn in:

Chocolate minidress

She wears a chocolate sleeveless minidress.

Maroon miniskirt suit

She wears a maroon woollen miniskirt suit. The jacket is single-breasted and had vinyl across the yoke and on the elbows, it is fastened with three buttons. Accessorised with white gloves and handbag.

Golden miniskirt suit / Grey three-piece suit

She wears a golden miniskirt suit with orange and red scarf, cream knit shirt, 3/4 length sleeves, and tan shoes.

He wears a grey three-piece suit with 2 vents. He wears it with a white shirt and royal blue tie; he completes the look with a charcoal pinstriped overcoat and grey bowler and umbrella.

Worn in:

Pink eveninggown

She wears a white and pink evening gown with a headscarf, diamante shoes, white gloves and handbag.


Olive paisley shirt

He wears a hideous olive, brown and cream paisley shirt with his favourite brown and green twill blazer and houndstooth trousers.

Worn in:

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