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Series 5, 1967-8

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Dec-66 17-Feb-67 18-Feb-67
# Episode Produced London Midlands Sydney Melbourne New York
1 From Venus With Love Nov-66 13-Jan-67 14-Jan-67 18-Apr-67 17-Apr-67 20-Jan-67
2 The Fear Merchants Sep-66 20-Jan-67 21-Jan-67 9-May-67 8-May-67 27-Jan-67
3 Escape in Time Sep-66 27-Jan-67 28-Jan-67 11-Apr-67 10-Apr-67 17-Jul-68
4 The See-Through Man Nov-66 3-Feb-67 4-Feb-67 2-May-67 1-May-67 3-Feb-67
5 The Bird Who Knew Too Much Oct-66 10-Feb-67 11-Feb-67 25-Apr-67 24-Apr-67 10-Mar-67
6 The Winged Avenger --- --- 17-Feb-67
7 The Living Dead Jan-67 24-Feb-67 25-Feb-67 16-May-67 15-May-67 5-Mar-67
8 The Hidden Tiger Jan-67 3-Mar-67 4-Mar-67 23-May-67 22-May-67 17-Mar-67
9 The Correct Way to Kill Feb-67 10-Mar-67 11-Mar-67 30-May-67 29-May-67 24-Mar-67
10 Never, Never Say Die 14-Feb-67 17-Mar-67 18-Mar-67 6-Jun-67 5-Jun-67 31-Mar-67
11 Epic 27-Feb-67 31-Mar-67 1-Apr-67 13-Jun-67 12-Jun-67 14-Apr-67
12 The Superlative Seven 13-Mar-67 7-Apr-67 8-Apr-67 20-Jun-67 19-Jun-67 21-Apr-67
13 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station 22-Mar-67 14-Apr-67 15-Apr-67 3-Oct-67 2-Oct-67 28-Apr-67
14 Something Nasty in the Nursery 2-Apr-67 21-Apr-67 22-Apr-67 27-Jun-67 26-Jun-67 5-May-67
15 The Joker 11-Apr-67 28-Apr-67 29-Apr-67 10-Oct-67 9-Oct-67 12-May-67
16 Who's Who??? 18-Apr-67 5-May-67 6-May-67 17-Oct-67 16-Oct-67 19-May-67
17 Return of the Cybernauts 15-Jun-67 28-Sep-67 30-Sep-67 31-Oct-67 30-Oct-67 21-Feb-68
18 Death's Door 7-Jun-67 5-Oct-67 7-Oct-67 24-Oct-67 23-Oct-67 31-Jan-68
19 The £50,000 Breakfast 20-Jul-67 12-Oct-67 14-Oct-67 14-Nov-67 13-Nov-67 28-Feb-68
20 Dead Man's Treasure 5-Jul-67 19-Oct-67 21-Oct-67 7-Nov-67 6-Nov-67 13-Mar-68
21 You Have Just Been Murdered 2-Aug-67 26-Oct-67 28-Oct-67 21-Nov-67 20-Nov-67 24-Jan-68
22 The Positive Negative Man 31-Aug-67 3-Nov-67 4-Nov-67 28-Nov-67 27-Nov-67 17-Jan-68
23 Murdersville 25-Aug-67 10-Nov-67 11-Nov-67 5-Dec-67 4-Dec-67 7-Feb-68
24 Mission.... Highly Improbable 22-Sep-67 17-Nov-67 18-Nov-67 12-Dec-67 11-Dec-67 10-Jan-68
25 The Forget-Me-Knot 19-Jan-68 25-Sep-68 26-Sep-68 15-Nov-68 5-Nov-68 20-Mar-68

The Avengers drinking game & other episode lists.

The cast and crew lists are as complete as possible, and readers should note that they are often more informative than the originally broadcast credits; that is, I have included complete character names, if known, in place of a single name - the addition in italics - (e.g. "Captain Gifford" instead of "Gifford"); and uncredited characters are also listed. Some of these have been identified by a combination of research and good luck - and sometimes error, such as the infamous multiple John Bennetts; if you see a mistake let us know. Neil Redding has turned my episode synopses into an Adobe PDF (89k), for ready reference when watch the DVDs.

Please note that while I have included the subtitles for every episode in the guide, only the first sixteen episodes of Series Five* had them on the broadcast masters.
Read the page for Who's Who??? for more information.

* 'Series Five' is in fact two (and a bit) separate runs, both in production and transmission terms:

  • 16 episodes, filmed between October 1966 and April 1967, broadcast between 14 January & 6 May 1967
  • 8 episodes, filmed between June and September 1967, broadcast between 30 September 1967 & 18 November 1967
  • 1 episode from the Tara King first run, filming finished on 19 January 1968 and it debuted on 20 March 1968 (see below).

I prefer to call it one series, as all the original promotional material for the series announced 26 new full colour episodes (they only just managed 25 with the cross-over Tara King episode) - the individual episode pages refer to Series 5, 5B and 5C, but elsewhere I simply refer to 'Series 5'.

In Australia, the split was different - Something Nasty in the Nursery was the last episode of the first block and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station, The Joker and Who's Who??? were held over to start the second "series". The Winged Avenger is the only episode missing from the first run of these seasons - the first broadcast date that I know of is 14 April 1975.

The "Drinks" column? I thought it'd be a pointless facet of an episode guide to list the drinks consumed by the characters, and so I did. You may wish to reference it while playing The Avengers Drinking Game or mixing the cocktail recipe.

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