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The Avengers

Series 4, 1965-6

Episode Guide

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# Episode Produced London Midlands Sydney Melbourne New York
- The 'Chess Board' Introduction (specially filmed for the US market to explain the characters to the audience)
1 The Town of No Return 30-Jul-65 28-Sep-65 2-Oct-65 12-Apr-66 5-Apr-66 1-Sep-66
2 The Gravediggers 14-Apr-65 7-Oct-65 9-Oct-65 15-Mar-66 8-Mar-66 4-Aug-66
3 The Cybernauts 14-Mar-65 14-Oct-65 16-Oct-65 22-Mar-66 15-Mar-66 28-Mar-66
4 Death at Bargain Prices 17-Feb-65 21-Oct-65 23-Oct-65 26-Apr-66 19-Apr-66 11-Apr-66
5 Castle De'ath 20-Aug-65 28-Oct-65 30-Oct-65 17-May-66 24-May-66 2-May-66
6 The Master Minds 8-Jan-65 4-Nov-65 6-Nov-65 19-Apr-66 12-Apr-66 11-Jul-66
7 The Murder Market 4-Dec-64 12-Nov-65 13-Nov-65 1-Mar-66 1-Mar-66 30-May-66
8 A Surfeit of H2O 11-May-65 19-Nov-65 20-Nov-65 5-Apr-66 29-Mar-66 ---
9 The Hour that Never Was 20-Jul-65 26-Nov-65 27-Nov-65 24-May-66 17-May-66 25-Apr-66
10 Dial a Deadly Number 22-Jan-65 3-Dec-65 4-Dec-65 8-Mar-66 26-Apr-66 21-Jul-66
11 Man-eater of Surrey Green 11-Jun-65 10-Dec-65 11-Dec-65 10-May-66 3-May-66 25-Aug-66
12 Two's a Crowd 28-May-65 17-Dec-65 18-Dec-65 3-May-66 10-May-66 9-May-66
13 Too Many Christmas Trees 1-Mar-65 23-Dec-65 25-Dec-65 25-Dec-66 25-Dec-66 11-Aug-66
14 Silent Dust 2-Jul-65 31-Dec-65 1-Jan-66 19-Jul-66 29-Jul-66 ---
15 Room without a View 29-Apr-65 7-Jan-66 8-Jan-66 29-Mar-66 22-Mar-66 27-Jun-66
16 Small Game for Big Hunters 1-Oct-65 14-Jan-66 15-Jan-66 31-May-66 7-Jun-66 4-Apr-66
17 The Girl from Auntie 23-Oct-65 21-Jan-66 22-Jan-66 14-Jun-66 21-Jun-66 6-Jun-66
18 The Thirteenth Hole 22-Sep-65 28-Jan-66 29-Jan-66 7-Jun-66 31-May-66 18-Aug-66
19 Quick-Quick Slow Death 12-Nov-65 4-Feb-66 5-Feb-66 21-Jun-66 14-Jun-66 ---
20 The Danger Makers 10-Dec-65 11-Feb-66 12-Feb-66 28-Jun-66 15-Jul-66 4-Jul-66
21 A Touch of Brimstone 24-Dec-65 18-Feb-66 19-Feb-66 5-Jul-66 28-Jun-66 ---
22 What the Butler Saw 7-Jan-66 25-Feb-66 26-Feb-66 12-Jul-66 5-Jul-66 28-Jul-66
23 The House That Jack Built 18-Jan-66 4-Mar-66 5-Mar-66 2-Aug-66 22-Jul-66 16-May-66
24 A Sense of History 31-Jan-66 11-Mar-66 12-Mar-66 26-Jul-66 5-Aug-66 20-Jun-66
25 How to Succeed .... at Murder 15-Feb-66 18-Mar-66 19-Mar-66 16-Aug-66 12-Aug-66 13-Jun-66
26 Honey for the Prince 4-Mar-66 25-Mar-66 26-Mar-66 9-Aug-66 19-Aug-66 ---
a The Strange Case of the Missing Corpse (three-minute promo announcing that Series 5 would be in colour)

The cast and crew lists are as complete as possible, and readers should note that they are often more informative than the originally broadcast credits; that is, I have included complete character names, if known, in place of a single name - the addition in italics - (e.g. "Captain Gifford" instead of "Gifford"); and uncredited characters (with speaking parts or notable appearances) are listed also. Some of these have been identified by a combination of research and good luck - and sometimes error, such as the infamous multiple John Bennetts; if you see a mistake let us know.

Australia made Too Many Christmas Trees a Christmas special, screening on 25 December 1966, five months after the rest of the season went to air.

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