The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 6

Orange jacket and miniskirt

She wears an orange jacket and matching miniskirt with a cream rollneck and orange heels. The jacket is thick with wide notch lapels; it’s short and the waist pockets are vertical slits.

Floral blouse

She wears a dreadful floral purple blouse with maroon vest and flared slacks.

White Neru jacket

He wears a Neru jacket in white raw silk with matching trousers.

White evening dress

She wears a white and gold evening dress with thin shoulder straps and a cloth decolletage flower.

He wears his midnight blue tuxedo with a white ruffle-fronted shirt

Sky blue overcoat

She wears a sky blue overcoat over black rollneck skivvy, skirt, long gloves and boots.

Worn in:

He wears a his brown suit with suede collar.

Long blue culottes

She wears a tan skivvy and long sky blue culottes with a red clown nose, later with a jacket to match the culottes (but without the nose).

Black suit / blue culottes

She wears a blue jacket and culottes with black crew neck pullover.

He wears a black double breasted suit and bowler with a navy tie and white shirt, red and gold pin in tie.

While satin microdress

She wears a white satin microdress with long sleeves and flared lace cuffs a very low neckline and very short skirt with a black choker and gold handbag.

Fancy dress

He performs a quick change act with the following costumes, before getting into his midnight blue tuxedo (satin shawl collar) with black bow tie and pale blue shirt (and a flashing “Eat at Joe’s” sign on his back).

  1. blue silk chinese robe with black tartars hat
  2. admiral’s uniform
  3. native american costume

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