The Avengers

Series 1, 1961

Episode Guide

Episode Produced First broadcast
1 Hot Snow* 30-Dec-60 07-Jan-61
2 Brought To Book** 12-Jan-61 14-Jan-61
3 Square Root Of Evil** 21-Jan-61 21-Jan-61
4 Nightmare#** 28-Jan-61 28-Jan-61
5 Crescent Moon#** 04-Feb-61 04-Feb-61
6 Girl on the Trapeze* 11-Feb-61 11-Feb-61
7 Diamond Cut Diamond** 18-Feb-61 18-Feb-61
8 The Radioactive Man#** 25-Feb-61 25-Feb-61
9 Ashes Of Roses** 04-Mar-61 04-Mar-61
10 Hunt the Man Down 12-Mar-61 18-Mar-61
11 Please Don't Feed The Animals** 30-Mar-61 01-Apr-61
12 Dance with Death** 12-Apr-61 15-Apr-61
13 One for the Mortuary 26-Apr-61 29-Apr-61
14 The Springers 11-May-61 13-May-61
15 The Frighteners* 25-May-61 27-May-61
16 The Yellow Needle 08-Jun-61 10-Jun-61
17 Death on the Slipway 22-Jun-61 24-Jun-61
18 Double Danger 06-Jul-61 08-Jul-61
19 Toy Trap 20-Jul-61 22-Jul-61
20 Tunnel of Fear 03-Aug-61 05-Aug-61
21 The Far Distant Dead 14-Aug-61 19-Aug-61
22 Kill the King 30-Aug-61 02-Sep-61
Actors' Equity strike interrupts programming
23 Dead Of Winter 07-Sep-61 09-Dec-61
24 The Deadly Air 27-Sep-61 16-Dec-61
25 A Change of Bait 20-Sep-61 23-Dec-61
26 Dragonsfield 18-Oct-61 30-Dec-61

Episodes are listed in transmission order. Clicking the images on the right takes you directly to the episodes which are currently available on DVD - these are also marked in bold below.

Cast lists for the missing episodes have the guest actors' portraits in sepia, with a tan border, to indicate those illustrated from other productions - actors portrayed from publicity material or screenshots from the episodes themselves are in black and white.

Production dates are unverified, but all the sources seem to agree on them - Alan Hayes' recent discovery of a shooting script for "A Change of Bait" throws them into question as it has the episode shot a week earlier than previously believed, and also numbers the episode as number 24. I have switched its production date with that of "The Deadly Air", the most likely candidate for becoming 25. (EDITOR: Alan informs me he thinks that Dragonsfield may be a better contender for the 25th spot). Given all the recently discovered evidence, it seems very unlikely that episodes 3-9 were broadcast "live to air" as has been previously asserted by some commentators.

In the list,
* indicates an episode with a synopsis and screenshots, as they are available on DVD.
** indicates the episode has a title card recreated by Richard McGinlay from the episode paperwork.
# indicates the episode has no known photographs still in existence.
PX stands for Production date, LON stands for London transmission date.

Other episodes are illustrated - either from production stills or from the telesnaps recently made available by producer Leonard White (these have been supplied by Canal+ Image and Optimum Releasing).

The 1961 Actors' Equity strike started in November and continued for five months. Production was suspended completely and the television stations, after an almost complete shutdown, started broadcasting previously recorded material. The last four episodes of the season fall into this category, all being broadcast in December 1961; the last of them being filmed a few weeks before the strike started.

By the time the strike lifted in April 1962, Ian Hendry had decided to leave the show and pursue a feature film career.

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