The Avengers

Series 6, 1968-9

Episode Guide

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In the table below, London, midlands and New York refer to the first transmission date and "PX" is the date that filming finished. Numbers in superscript are the order for the given column.

# Episode Produced London Granada Sydney Melbourne New York
0 The Forget-Me-Knot 19-Jan-68 25-Sep-68 12-Jan-69 15-Nov-68 5-Nov-68 20-Mar-68
1 Game 25-Jun-68 2-Oct-68 19-Jan-69 10-Jan-69 31-Dec-68 23-Sep-68
2 Super Secret Cypher Snatch 14-Jun-68 9-Oct-68 26-Jan-69 28-Feb-69 18-Feb-69 30-Sep-68
3 You'll Catch Your Death 24-May-68 16-Oct-68 2-Feb-69 3-Jan-69 7-Jan-69 7-Oct-68
4 Split! 23-Oct-68 9-Feb-69 10-Apr-68 13-Dec-68 3-Dec-68 1-Feb-68
5 Whoever Shot Poor George oblique Stroke XR40? 17-Apr-68 30-Oct-68 16-Feb-69 21-Feb-69 14-Jan-69 9-Dec-68
6 False Witness 11-Jul-68 6-Nov-68 23-Feb-69 17-Jan-69 21-Jan-69 25-Nov-68
7 All Done with Mirrors 13-Jun-68 13-Nov-68 2-Mar-69 27-Dec-68 24-Dec-68 2-Dec-68
8 Legacy of Death 9-Aug-68 20-Nov-68 9-Mar-69 7-Mar-69 4-Feb-69 4-Nov-68
9 Noon Doomsday 30-Jul-68 27-Nov-68 16-Mar-69 24-Jan-69 28-Jan-69 28-Oct-68
10 Look - (stop me if you've heard this one) But There Were These Two Fellers... 19-Mar-68 4-Dec-68 23-Mar-69 22-Nov-68 12-Nov-68 8-May-68
11 Have Guns - Will Haggle 29-Feb-68 11-Dec-68 30-Mar-69 29-Nov-68 19-Nov-68 1-May-68
12 They Keep Killing Steed 29-Aug-68 18-Dec-68 6-Apr-69 7-Feb-69 11-Feb-69 11-Nov-68
13 The Interrogators 22-Oct-68 1-Jan-69 13-Apr-69 28-Mar-69 25-Mar-69 20-Jan-69
14 The Rotters 8-Oct-68 8-Jan-69 20-Apr-69 21-Mar-69 11-Mar-69 16-Dec-68
15 Invasion of the Earthmen 21-Nov-67 15-Jan-69 27-Apr-69 6-Dec-68 26-Nov-68 27-Mar-68
16 Killer 27-Sep-68 22-Jan-69 4-May-69 14-Mar-69 25-Feb-69 30-Dec-68
17 The Morning After 5-Nov-68 29-Jan-69 11-May-69 25-Apr-69 15-Apr-69 27-Jan-69*
18 The Curious Case of the Countless Clues 19-Jan-68 5-Feb-69 18-May-69 20-Dec-68 10-Dec-68 3-Apr-68
19 Wish You Were Here 12-Sep-68 12-Feb-69 25-May-69 14-Feb-69 4-Mar-69 18-Nov-68
20 Stay Tuned 13-Dec-68 26-Feb-69 8-Jun-69 16-May-69 9-Feb-70 24-Feb-69
21 Take Me to Your Leader 29-Nov-68 5-Mar-69 15-Jun-69 11-Apr-69 1-Apr-69 10-Feb-69
22 Fog 31-Dec-68 12-Mar-69 23-Jun-69 23-May-69 29-Apr-69 17-Feb-69
23 Homicide and Old Lace 23-Jan-69 26-Mar-69 6-Jul-69 13-Jun-69 16-Feb-70 17-Mar-69
24 Love All 18-Nov-68 19-Feb-69 13-Jul-69 4-Apr-69 18-Mar-69 3-Feb-69
25 Get-A-Way! 15-Feb-68 14-May-69 27-Jul-69 2-May-69 25-Feb-69 24-Apr-68
26 Thingumajig 21-Jan-69 2-Apr-69 1-Aug-69 30-May-69 23-Feb-70 24-Mar-69
27 Pandora 17-Jan-69 30-Apr-69 10-Aug-69 9-May-69 6-May-69 10-Mar-69
28 Requiem 13-Feb-69 16-Apr-69 17-Aug-69 6-Jun-69 2-Mar-70 31-Mar-69
29 Take-over 21-Feb-69 23-Apr-69 24-Aug-69 20-Jun-69 16-Mar-70 14-Apr-69
30 Who Was That Man I Saw You With? 10-Jan-69 19-Mar-69 31-Aug-69 18-Apr-69 8-Apr-69 3-Mar-69
31 My Wildest Dream 1-Apr-68 7-Apr-69 7-Sep-69 31-Jan-69 17-Dec-68 6-Jan-69
32 Bizarre 3-Mar-69 21-May-69 14-Sep-69 27-Jun-69 23-Mar-70 21-Apr-69

The Morning After was scheduled for 27 January 1969, the last in the original run, but was pre-empted by the Annual Bing Crosby Golf Tournament (I mean, really!). There is no proof that it was rescheduled but may have screened on a Monday evening between 18 August and 15 September 2009. Thingumajig was broadcast two days earlier than the normal schedule on ITV Midlands.

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