The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 2

Sky blue minidress

She wears a sky blue minidress, long-sleeved, with pink shoes and a pink and blue neckscarf.

Grey suit

He wears a grey three-piece suit with a single button on the jacket waist, straight covered hip pockets, slit breast pocket and a lapelled waistcoat.

Worn in:

White long-sleeved blouse

She wears a white long-sleeved blouse, blue and white cravat, black slacks with yellow snakeskin belt, black vest fastened with gold pin.

Navy blouse and green jacket

She wears a navy silk blouse with high collar, black slacks, yellow snakeskin belt and and royal blue and white cravat. She also puts on a green jacket with patch pockets, blue buttons and trim.

Worn in:

Brown cardigan

He wears a black, brown and beige cardigan with brown corduroy trousers, also without the cardigan, revealing a brown polo shirt and cravat.

Pink minidress

She wears a pink knit minidress with orange and pink neckscarf.

Brown pinstriped suit

He wears a brown pinstriped suit with suede collar, no pockets or vents, padded buttons, six on the waistcoat, two on the waist of the jacket, none on the cuff. Worn with a beige shirt, brown & green paisley tie and brown bowler.

Worn in:

Pale lime minidress

She wears a pale lime minidress, peter pan collar, buttoned front, with tan calf boots.

Worn in:

White overalls

He disguises himself by wearing a pair of Classy Glass Cleaning Co. Ltd white overalls & white bowler hat.

Black evening dress

She wears a black evening dress with low neckline and ankle-length skirt with a bright green feather boa.

He is wearing his blue three-piece suit with a blue shirt and purple tie.

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