Mrs Peel... We're Needed! : The Avengers - 1961-69,
The New Avengers 1976-77 & the 1998 movie

In memory of Patrick Macnee and Brian Clemens, without whom none of this would have been possible.

The Far-Distant Dead 1961 Dr Keel episodes. 481 images
A Change of Bait 1962-3 Martin King, Venus Smith & Cathy Gale episodes. 964 images & 18 videos/mp3s
The Golden Fleece 1963-4 Cathy Gale episodes. 1,286 images
The Tiger Awakes 1965-8 Emma Peel episodes.
Stay Tuned 1968-9 Tara King episodes. 1,795 images
Three Handed Game 1976-7 New Avengers episodes. 1,938 images
Epic All the film versions of "The Avengers", from strange German Super-8 shorts to the 1998 feature film.
Immortal Clay My picks for the best Emma Peel episodes.
Dressed to Kill Lead characters' fashions, 1965-77. 2,768 images
Propellant 23 The transportation. (1961-77)
The Little Wonders Websites, books and more.
Box of Tricks Search this site.
The Nutshell Last update: So... what else is new? latest updates via RSS

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