The Avengers

Series 2, 1962-3

Episode Guide

Episodes are listed in transmission order, which is the same order as on the A&E DVDs. The Optimum DVDs are in production order, except for "Warlock", shunted down the list from 5 to 16 as it had scenes reshot to fit the new running order.

Clicking the randomly-selected images on the right takes you directly to the episodes pictured.

Episode Produced London Sydney Melbourne Companion
1 Mr Teddy Bear 4-Aug-62 29-Sep-62 21-Oct-63 14-May-64 Cathy
2 Propellant 23 21-Jul-62 6-Oct-62 28-Oct-63 21-May-64 Cathy
3 The Decapod 13-Sep-62 13-Oct-62 4-Nov-63 30-Jul-64 Venus
4 Bullseye 20-Sep-62 20-Oct-62 11-Nov-63 4-Jun-64 Cathy
5 Mission to Montreal 12-May-62 27-Oct-62 18-Nov-63 --- Martin
6 The Removal Men 4-Oct-62 3-Nov-62 25-Nov-63 18-Jun-64 Venus
7 The Mauritius Penny 18-Oct-62 10-Nov-62 2-Dec-63 25-Jun-64 Cathy
8 Death of a Great Dane 1-Nov-62 17-Nov-62 16-Dec-63 2-Jul-64 Cathy
9 The Sell-Out 9-Jun-62 24-Nov-62 9-Dec-63 9-Jul-64 Martin
10 Death on the Rocks 15-Nov-62 1-Dec-62 23-Dec-63 16-Jul-64 Cathy
11 Traitor in Zebra 29-Nov-62 8-Dec-62 30-Dec-63 23-Jul-64 Cathy
12 The Big Thinker 13-Dec-62 15-Dec-62 13-Jan-64 6-Aug-64 Cathy
13 Death Dispatch 23-Jun-62 22-Dec-62 3-Feb-64 13-Aug-64 Cathy
14 Dead on Course 26-May-62 29-Dec-62 10-Feb-64 20-Aug-64 Martin
15 Intercrime 29-Dec-62 5-Jan-63 17-Feb-64 27-Aug-64 Cathy
16 Immortal Clay 10-Jan-63 12-Jan-63 6-Jan-64 3-Sep-64 Cathy
17 Box of Tricks 17-Jan-63 19-Jan-63 20-Jan-64 10-Sep-64 Venus
18 Warlock 7-Jul-62 & 7-Jan-63 26-Jan-63 --- --- Cathy
19 The Golden Eggs 31-Jan-63 3-Feb-63 24-Feb-64 17-Sep-64 Cathy
20 School for Traitors 9-Feb-63 9-Feb-63 27-Jan-64 24-Sep-64 Venus
21 The White Dwarf 16-Feb-63 16-Feb-63 2-Mar-64 1-Oct-64 Cathy
22 Man in the Mirror 22-Feb-63 23-Feb-63 --- --- Venus
23 Consipracy of Silence 1-Mar-63 2-Mar-63 9-Mar-64 8-Oct-64 Cathy
24 A Chorus of Frogs 8-Mar-63 9-Mar-63 16-Mar-64 15-Oct-64 Venus
25 Six Hands Across a Table 15-Mar-63 16-Mar-63 23-Mar-64 22-Oct-64 Cathy
26 Killer Whale 22-Mar-63 23-Mar-63 31-Mar-64 29-Oct-64 Cathy

Production dates are unverified, but all the sources seem to agree on them.

In the list, PX stands for Production date, and the transmission dates are LON for London, SYD for Sydney, and MEL for Melbourne.

The Australian broadcast dates are all confirmed except for Mission to Montreal in Melbourne. It appears to have been pre-empted by a documentary entitled A Camera at War and never re-scheduled. Warlock and Man in the Mirror appear to have never been broadcast in Australia.

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