The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 13

Purple hoodie

She wears a purple hooded and belted zip-up top with mustard-green cuffs, hem and hood hem, matching green flares, brown ankle boots.

Edwardian royal blue skirt and blouse

She wears an Edwardian costume - a high-waisted royal blue skirt, pale blue high-collared blouse and royal blue tie, black stockings and court shoes.

Edwardian nightgown

She wears an Edwardian costume - a white ankle-length ruffled nightgown, later with a royal blue and forest green housecoat.

Edwardian blue and black skirt

She wears an Edwardian costume - a high waisted blue skirt with black trim, chevron-cut at front of waist and front of hem, pale blue pinstriped high-collared blouse with integral cravat, cameo at the throat. Worn with black ankle boots and stockings.

Edwardian bridal dress

She wears an Edwardian costume - a pink and white bridal gown with a matching wide-brimmed hat, long white gloves, white stocking and shoes, and a pale pink shawl.

Fuschia jeans

She wears a purple rollneck knit top with fuschia jeans, a brown belt, and a pink bow in her hair.

Blue overcoat

She wears a bright blue high-collared knee length overcoat with vinyl belt patches front and back, over a red silk belted top and navy 3/4 slacks and black leather boots.

Red tunic dress

She wears a long-sleeved red and white pinstriped blouse with red collar and cuffs, red knee-length tunic dress, gold chains across the front, black stockings
He wears his brown suede bomber jacket with a fawn skivvy and houndstooth trousers.

Yellow macintosh

She wears a bright yellow plastic mac and sou’wester. black rollneck skivvy, stocking and boots.

Hunting gear

He wears hunting gear - dark green waterproof jacket, beige rollneck skivvy with orange and brown stripes around neck, black wellington boots with leather gloves, brown suede jacket and forest green trilby, khaki canvas trousers.

Brown leather jerkin

She wears a brown leather jerkin with brass chain belt, black rollneck skivvy and trousers.

Red rollneck

She wears a red rollneck skivvy with black trousers and jacket, black shoes.

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