The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 11

Beige jerkin

She wears a black rollneck and slacks with beige cotton jerkin, metal hoop belt.

Face masks and overalls

They wear white face masks and forensics overalls. His is over his light grey three-piece suit (felt collar, one vent) with pale pink shirt and pink and orange patterned tie, grey suede Chelsea boots, hers is over her lime green skirt suit, forest green scarf, tan boots; later she removes them and they’re replaced with a lime jacket.

Buff jacket

She wears a buff short belted jacket, forest green rollneck and matching slacks, buff shoes.

Brown sleeveless rollneck

She wears a sleeveless brown rollneck and slacks with matching cardigan, trimmed with beige. Worn with a long string of glass beads around the neck.

Black culottes

She wears a black rollneck skivvy with black knee-length culottes with a black leather belt and black boots; later with a red hooded overcoat with black fur trim, black leather gloves.

He wears a grey suit with a purple cravat, later adding a Victorian-era black top hat, black cape and false beard.

Pastel orange culotte suit

She wears a pastel orange one-piece culotte suit with pvc thigh boots.

Cream miniskirt

She wears a cream plaid miniskirt with tan skivvy and cream stocking and shoes, brown leather belt.

Bright orange culotte suit

She wears an orange one-piece culotte suit with pvc thigh boots.

Leopard print coat

She wears a tan one-piece culotte suit with pvc thigh boots, leopard spot fur coat.

Pale grey culotte suit

She wears a pale grey sleeveless culotte suit with a brown belt, with pvc thigh boots and black leather gloves; also with a cream double-breasted overcoat.

Oatmeal rollneck, tan miniskirt

She wears an oatmeal woollen rollneck skivvy and kneehigh socks with a tan miniskirt.

Navy cardigan with red blouse

She wears a red blouse, navy slacks and navy cardigan with red piping (buttonholes, cuffs & pockets).

Gold A-line coat

She wears a gold and russet a-line coat, high collar, gold trim on collar, cuffs and roundels around pockets over a lime blouse and gold slacks, brown leather belt and ankle boots.

Black formal dress

She wears a black sleeveless formal shift dress with a string of pearls.

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