The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 14

Camouflage jacket

She wears a camouflage jacket with a black rollneck and gloves, black face paint, and khaki fatigues.

Purple dressing gown

She wears a purple and black silk dressing gown with white feathers on flared cuffs.

Worn in:

Aqua minidress

She wears a pale aqua minidress, buttoned front (black buttons with scalloped buttonholes, three buttons on each cuff), collared, with black skivvy underneath, black stockings.

Navy carigan with orange blouse

She wears a navy cardigan and flares with orange, brown and navy sunflower design blouse, blue silk handkerchief, brass chain belt.

Blue Chinese jacket

She wears Kate’s blue Chinese jacket (blue and white dragon pattern, belted, with a crew neck and black trim) with black flares and shoes.

Silver and black cardigan

She wears a sheer silver and black cardigan.

Worn in:

  • Who Was That Man I Saw You With?, unbuttoned, over a black cotton dress with a buttoned decolletage. Her hair is short and permed.
  • My Wildest Dream, no top, the cardigan is buttoned up over a black bra, and has had black feathers sewn onto the cuffs. Her hair is bobbed.

Powder blue vest and culottes

She wears a powder blue vest and knee-length culottes, pinstriped beige/white blouse, tan belt and shoes.

Pastel pink minidress

She wears a pastel pink minidress with scooped neckline, beige tailored jacket with round hems, and pink embroidery and piping to match the dress with her hair bobbed.

He wears his hideous brown vertically striped trousers with a black jumper and rollneck.

White overcoat

She wears a white double breasted overcoat with black buttons, navy scarf with white polka dot, black trousers and ankle boots.

  • Worn in Bizarre, briefly with a blanket over it to keep warm

White lace evening dress

She wears a white lace & chiffon evening dress with a diamond tiara.

He wears his purple silk tuxedo with a ruffled pale blue evening shirt and purple bow tie.

Black sleeveless evening dress

She wears a sleeveless black, ankle-length evening dress with plunging neckline. It’s accessorised with a single strand of pearls.

  • Worn in the opening credits

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