The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 4

Black catsuit

She wears a black catsuit, leather boots and gloves, cat mask and green feather boa.

He wears his brown three-piece suit with a cream shirt and brown paisley tie.

Surgical gown, mask and cap

She wears a surgical gown, mask and cap with white ankle boots, apparently with just underwear underneath, given the glimpse of flesh through the back of the gown, and the way she holds the skirt closed when Steed follows her out of the room.

He wears his blue three-piece suit with a pale blue shirt and brown paisley tie.

Hot pink flared dress

She wears a hot pink dress with gathered waist and large flared sleeves and a low neckline with a string of pearls and pink shoes.

Golf shirt

He wears a black golf shirt and trousers, later putting on a beige cardigan.

Maroon suit

Tara wears a maroon suit with pink scarf, black fedora and calf boots.

Orange t-shirt

She wears a orange collarless Fred Perry t-shirt with white piping, black slacks, tan shoes; later with a lime jacket.

Black evening dress

She wears a black evening dress with low neckline and accessorises with large hoop earrings.

He wears his black shirt and trousers with a beige cardigan.

Tan jacket

She wears a tan zip-up jacket and boots with red slacks.

He wears his charcoal three-piece suit with lilac shirt and claret tie.

Sky blue vest and culottes

She wears sky blue culottes and vest with orange, red, cream and brown ‘American Indian’ print blouse. The blouse is worn with a chocolate sleeveless minidress in The Rotters.

Charcoal three-piece suit

He wears a charcoal three-piece suit with a lapelled waistcoat (almost identical to his grey suit except darker, the flap pockets seem to not be slanted).

Worn in:

Purple vest / purple tuxedo

She wears lilac palazzo pants with a purple vest and pink blouse, worn with a black scarf.

He wears a purple silk tuxedo with patterned lapels with white shirt and purple bow tie.

Worn in:

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