The Avengers

Series 3, 1963-4

Episode Guide

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# Episode Produced London Sydney Melbourne
1 Concerto 26-Apr-63 7-Mar-64 14-Apr-64 12-Nov-64
2 Brief for Murder 1-May-63 28-Sep-63 7-Apr-64 5-Nov-64
3 The Nutshell 10-May-63 19-Oct-63 21-Apr-64 19-Nov-64
4 The Golden Fleece 24-May-63 7-Dec-63 9-Jun-64 7-Jan-65
5 Death à la Carte 7-Jun-63 21-Dec-63 28-Apr-64 26-Nov-64
6 Man with Two Shadows 21-Jun-63 12-Oct-63 --- ---
7 Don't Look Behind You 5-Jul-63 14-Dec-63 --- ---
8 The Grandeur That Was Rome 19-Jul-63 30-Nov-63 5-May-64 3-Dec-64
9 The Undertakers 2-Aug-63 5-Oct-63 12-May-64 10-Dec-64
10 Death Of A Batman 14-Aug-63 26-Oct-63 16-Jun-64 14-Jan-65
11 Build a Better Mousetrap 28-Aug-63 15-Feb-64 19-May-64 17-Dec-64
12 November Five 27-Sep-63 2-Nov-63 2-Jun-64 31-Dec-64
13 Second Sight 11-Oct-63 16-Nov-63 26-May-64 24-Dec-64
14 The Secrets Broker 19-Oct-63 1-Feb-64 12-Jan-65 31-Jan-66
15 The Gilded Cage 25-Oct-63 9-Nov-63 29-Dec-64 10-Jan-66
16 The Medicine Men 8-Nov-63 23-Nov-63 5-Jan-65 24-Jan-66
17 The White Elephant 22-Nov-63 4-Jan-64 2-Feb-65 21-Feb-66
18 Dressed To Kill 6-Dec-63 28-Dec-63 22-Dec-64 17-Jan-66
19 The Wringer 20-Dec-63 18-Jan-64 26-Jan-65 14-Feb-66
20 The Little Wonders 3-Jan-64 11-Jan-64 --- ---
21 Mandrake 16-Jan-64 25-Jan-64 9-Mar-65 ---
22 Trojan Horse 30-Jan-64 8-Feb-64 16-Feb-65 ---
23 The Outside-In Man 12-Feb-64 22-Feb-64 9-Feb-65 ---
24 The Charmers 27-Feb-64 29-Feb-64 19-Jan-65 7-Feb-66
25 Esprit De Corps 11-Mar-64 14-Mar-64 2-Mar-65 ---
26 Lobster Quadrille 20-Mar-64 21-Mar-64 23-Feb-65 ---

Episodes are listed in the order of production (and, coincidentally, the order of the Contender and Optimum DVDs); it seems strange that some episodes were broadcast within a week of filming finishing, while others were in limbo for months. "Lobster Quadrille" apparently was broadcast the day after filming finished, while "Concerto" gathered dust on the shelf for 48 weeks.

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