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The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968-9)

Page 5

Tartan skirt

She wears a red tartan skirt, pleated at the back and pinned at the right hip with a dark teal stretch nylon boat neck top, white knee-high socks and patent leather pumps with silver buckles.

Worn in:

Brown and green blazer

He wears a brown and green twill blazer with bronze buttons, covered hip pockets and two vents, forest green waistcoat, and houndstooth trousers. This is the model's own, he's been wearing the ensemble since at least 1963.

Worn in:

Frost green jacket

She wears a frost green jacket and trousers with a white beret, blouse and scarf.

Black evening dress / Midnight blue tuxedo

She wears a black evening dress with diamante embroidery.

He wears a midnight blue tuxedo with a satin shawl collar, worn with a white double-cuffed shirt and black bow tie.

Worn in:

Evening suit

She wears a 'Southern' evening suit - shortwaisted grey jacket and matching twill trousers reminscent of a US Civil War Confederate uniform.

Teal vest

She wears teal slacks and vest with a mauve blouse.

Blue three-piece suit

He wears a blue three-piece suit, single breasted, with a lapelled waistcoat, single vent in the skirt, single button at waist, and straight flap hip pockets.

Worn in:

  • Legacy of Death with white shirt and claret tie with tie pin
  • They Keep Killing Steed with a white shirt and red tie (worn by one of Steed's doubles)
  • Thingumajig with a lilac shirt and burgundy tie, and a navy bowler hat (and briefly with welding gloves and helmet - right)

Dusky pink minidress

She wears a dusky pink minidress with a low neckline, worn with a pale pink trenchcoat.

He wears his hideous grey paisley shirt with black trousers.

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