The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 5

Tartan skirt

She wears a red tartan skirt, pleated at the back and pinned at the right hip with a dark teal stretch nylon boat neck top, white knee-high socks and patent leather pumps with silver buckles.

Worn in:

Brown and green blazer

He wears a brown and green twill blazer with a single waist button, covered hip pockets and two vents, matching waistcoat, and houndstooth trousers. This is a similar fabric to his favourite blazer he’s been wearing since at least 1963 but is a different blazer: it doesn’t have a breast pocket, there’s a single low waist button, the hip pocket are buttonless and slanted back, and there’s no yoke and pleat at the back.

Worn in:

Frost green jacket

She wears a frost green jacket and trousers with a white beret, blouse and scarf.

Black evening dress / Midnight blue tuxedo

She wears a black evening dress with diamante embroidery.

He wears a midnight blue tuxedo with a satin shawl collar, worn with a white double-cuffed shirt and black bow tie.

Worn in:

Evening suit

She wears a ‘Southern’ evening suit - shortwaisted grey jacket and matching twill trousers reminscent of a US Civil War Confederate uniform.

Blue kimono

She wears a blue kimono with multicoloured parrot pattern.

Worn in:

Teal vest

She wears teal slacks and vest with a mauve blouse.

Blue three-piece suit

He wears a blue three-piece suit, single breasted, with a lapelled waistcoat, single vent in the skirt, single button at waist, and straight flap hip pockets.

Worn in:

  • Legacy of Death with white shirt and claret tie with tie pin
  • They Keep Killing Steed with a white shirt and red tie (worn by one of Steed’s doubles)
  • Thingumajig with a lilac shirt and burgundy tie, and a navy bowler hat (and briefly with welding gloves and either goggles or welding helmet)

Dusky pink minidress

She wears a dusky pink minidress with a low neckline, worn with a pale pink trenchcoat.

He wears his hideous grey paisley shirt with black trousers.

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