The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 9

Purple overcoat

She wears a purple overcoat with the collar turned up over a lilac blouse and maroon slacks.

Green minidress

She wears a dark green short sleeved minidress, buttoned down front, with white collar and epaullettes with tan shoes. Later worm with a black mackintosh.

He wears his grey three-piece suit with an off white shirt and electric blue tie, accessorised with a Herbert Johnson grey bowler hat and matching umbrella.

Chocolate minidress

She wears a chocolate minidress with ‘American Indian’ print blouse in orange, brown, red and white. The blouse was previously worn with sky blue culottes and vest in False Witness.

He wears a burnt orange long-sleeved t-shirt, green white and brown neckscarf, light grey trousers, grey shoes.

Brown halter-neck minidress

She wears a brown halter-neck minidress, later with a beige check double-breasted coat and blonde wig.

Lime bathrobe

She wears a lime green towelling bathrobe and a white towel wrapped around her hair.

Tan waistcoat and cream blouse

She wears a cream pleated blouse worn with a light brown calf leather waistcoat with brass buttons and chain belt, matching leather trousers and boots.

Bright blue cowled robe

She wears ‘Bond Street druid’ - bright blue monastic robe with the cowl lined with blue sequins.

Pink and purple

She wears a soft pink bouse and maroon high-waisted trousers.

Magenta bermuda shorts

Lady Diana wears a purple open neck blouse and magenta tailored bermuda shorts, blue neckerchief, wide oxblood belt and matching calf boots.

Yellow blouse

Lady Diana wears a bright yellow blouse and powder blue hipsters, accessorised with a brown neckerchief with gold dots. The yellow blouse does not suit her colouring and Jennifer Croxton hated this outfit.

Herringbone coat

Lady Diana wears a herringbone brown & red overcoat, knee length, with integrated belt and flapped pockets, red buttons and round buckle, bright red boots.

Black rollneck, maroon cardigan / Beige overcoat

Lady Diana wears a black rollneck skivvy and widebrimmed hat, with red trousers and a maroon cardigan, thigh length, maroon shoes.

Steed wears a thick beige overcoat with a buff felt collar, ticket pocket and gentleman’s pocket over a dark grey three-piece suit with pale brown shirt, paisley tan/pink/yellow tie and grey bowler, grey shoes.

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