The Fashion Guide to Series 6 (1968–9)

Page 10

Scarlet jacket

She wears a scarlet jacket and trousers with light red piping, white blouse with beige cuban heeled boots.

Peacock halter-neck dress

She wears a peacock green metallic silk print halter-neck dress. He wear his midnight blue tuxedo

Beige rollneck

She wears a beige rollneck skivvy with tan suede miniskirt.

Pale blue minidress

She wears a pale blue raw silk sleeveless minidress.

Pastel orange culottes

She wears a pastel orange twill culottes - or it might be a jumpsuit.

Brown overcoat

He wears a brown overcoat with felt collar and bowler over a grey three-piece suit with old gold shirt, copper tie.

Teal top, forest greek skirt

She wears a forest green ankle-length skirt and dark teal boat neck t-shirt; the shirt may be the same as this.

He wears a hideous grey paisley shirt with black & white houndstooth slacks and his favourite brown and green twill blazer while she mends his brown bowler.

Green and white cardigan

She wears a green rollneck skivvy and palazzo pants with white and green hooped cardigan.

Blue bathrobe

She wears a blue towelling bathrobe with paisley stitch.

Maid’s uniform/chef’s uniform

She wears a maid’s uniform (NOT what you’re thinking! It has high-waisted black slacks, a white pinstriped blouse with black collar and cuffs); later on it’s combined with a chef’s tunic and hat.

Worn in Wish You Were Here

Navy cravat with white blouse

She wears a white bouse and black slacks with a navy cravat with white spot.

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