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Slightly superfluous, given the site navigation, but you can see every single episode listed in one place in the Episodes page.


I've uploaded a simple cast and crew look-up form - it has 10,057 records, covering all 187 episodes on The Avengers and The New Avengers.
It's linked to all the mugshots and episodes, so you can use it as a quick stepping stone to all the information about each member of the cast and crew.
Designed for film and telvision researchers, it should be of help to anyone who wants to look up their favourite actors.

November Five
An Avengers calendar. All the events in the Avenging year. Traditional style, so you can print out your very own, or choose a simpler layout if you prefer.
A Sense of History

A timeline* for "The Avengers", covering every episode's archival status and regular cast appearances. Episode numbers have title "tool tip" rollovers and are linked to the episode descriptions on this site.
The timeline is available in a widescreen format (all in one long line) and an upright format that you can print off if you really want to.

* Based on my Doctor Who timeline.

Square Root of Evil

A compendium of who rescued whom from what, how many people died and just what happened to the diabolical mastermind and his or her (or its) cohorts in the end (inspired by a discussion on the Suburbia 'Avengers' email list). As an added bonus, the body count column enumerates how many died by our heroes' hands.

All new artwork - the schematic of Steed's umbrella, as seen here. The name of the guide came from it being a somewhat mathematical breakdown of the episodes.

Dressed to Kill
Lead characters' fashions, 1963-77. 2601 images. Now updated with Series 3.
Propellant 23
Every single car, truck, plane, boat and horse for every episode - Avengers transportation.
Death's Door
Who's killing Whom? - Series 3-6 plus The New Avengers (1963-77), enumerating the bloody details of every episode.
The Master Minds
The Diabolical Masterminds - Series 3-6 plus The New Avengers (1963-77), exposing the villainy of Britain's foremost criminal minds.
Esprit de Corps
Ministry personnel - Series 3-6 plus The New Avengers, documenting every bureaucrat, operative and incidental staff member who crossed paths with The Avengers.

The Avengers broke all records for overseas sales, and remains the highest-grossing series of all time, in real terms. Here you can discover what the show was called in different countries, as well as episode titles and original transmission dates for some key overseas markets - International information.

Second Sight

Coverage of all the returning cast members on The Avengers and The New Avengers, covering 1961 to 1977 - the most extensive guide on the site time-wise.

The Outside-In Man

Members of the cast who have appeared in other notable productions. The choice of notable productions is purely arbitrary, covering British television and film from the Sixties onwards.

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