The Fashion Guide to The Avengers

Tara King in Series 5 (1967-8)

Tara’s first appearance is in the last episode of series 5, The Forget-Me-Knot. All of the clothes described here are from that episode.

Pale khaki/tan cord combat suit

She wears a very faded khaki corduroy combat suit - cotton jacket and tight jeans with a black loose-necked skivvy and beret. Her face is blacked out, commando style.

Green jacket and skirt

She wears a green jack with wide lapels and a matching skirt with a black crew neck blouse.

Green skirt and blouse

She wears a green rollneck blouse and matching miniskirt with beige heels.

Camel overcoat

She wears a knee-length camel overcoat with scalloped pockets over the outfit above. Worn with both beige heels and knee-high black boots; she accessorises the outfit with a blue and green silk scarf, previously worn by Diana Rigg in Dead Man’s Treasure.

Dressing gown

She has just emerged from the bathroom and is wearing a dark blue towelling dressing gown and has a white towel wrapped around her wet hair.

Beige culotte suit

She wears an unusual sleeveless pantsuit; the top is sleeveless with a plunging neckline and is backless, a band across the yoke. The waist is accentuated with a dark brown belt and she wears thigh boots and elbow gloves to accentuate her appeal. She wears a fur coat to keep warm.

Orange jacket and miniskirt

She wears an orange jacket and matching miniskirt with a cream rollneck and orange heels. The jacket is thick with wide notch lapels; it’s short and the waist pockets are vertical slits.

This is also worn in the original “target” version of the credit sequences for series 6.

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