• title card: Double Danger superimposed on two cars blocking a street
  • publicity still: Dr Keel treats Mace as Brady holds a gun on him while Lola looks on
  • publicity still: Steed visits Bartholomew
  • publicity still: Brady and Bert lie in wait for Dr Keel and Lola
  • publicity still: Bert ties up Lola while Brady keeps a gun trained on Dr Keel and Steed
  • publicity still: Steed and Dr Keel ambush Brady and Bert in the graveyard

Series 1 - Episode 18
Double Danger

by Gerald Verner*

Production completed: 6 July 1961. First transmission: 8 July 1961

Two thieves steal valuable diamonds, but one is shot as he escapes. Steed has no clues, until Carol decyphers a call for help from Dr Keel: he is being forced to treat the wounded man. The man dies, but gives Keel "Bartholomew's Plot" as a clue to the location of the hidden diamonds. Keel is forced to reveal this clue to the gang or they will kill Carol, but Steed already has the diamonds by the time they arrive at Bartholomew's cottage. The police wrap-up the case as the Avengers go to dinner.


Teleplay by Gerald Verner*
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by James Goddard regularCallanThe Sweeney
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Directed by Roger Jenkins regularAdam Adamant
Production Assistant Izabella Lubicz
Floor Manager Patrick Kennedy regular
Stage Manager John Wayne regular
Lighting Director Ken Brown regular (billed as Ken Brown)
Senior Cameraman Michael Baldock regular
Sound Advisor Michael Roberts regular (mislisted as Michael Robert)
Vision Mixer Gordon Hesketh regular


  1. * Gerald Verner wrote the episode but, displeased with changes made to the script by John Lucarotti, crossed out his name on his own copy and printed: "[by] John Lucarotti - Put on under Gerald Verner". When the episode received scathing reviews in the press, Verner wrote to the publications, laying the blame squarely at the producers' and editors' feet, effectively burning all his bridges. He was never asked to write for "The Avengers" again. There was a great injustice in this, as Verner's original script is clearly superior to the cliché-ridden and incomprehensible rewrite.
  2. This is one of three episodes in series 1 which had a pre-titles teaser in the script - Square Root of Evil, The Springers and Double Danger - but none of them are recorded in Tele-Snaps or production still so there's no proof that they were broadcast in that manner.

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