• title card: DIAMOND CUT DIAMOND superimposed on an airliner coming in to land (recreated by Richard McGinlay)
  • Publicity still: Steed makes a phone call while Fiona sobbs against his shoulder

Series 1 - Episode 7
Diamond Cut Diamond

by Max Marquis

Production completed: 18 February 1961. First transmission: 18 February 1961

Steed poses as an airline steward, in the hope that he will be invited to join a diamond-smuggling racket. After a wild party he awakes to find himself accused of a hit-and-run death. Keel comfirms his innocence, but Steed allows himself to be blackmailed into smuggling a package. His usefulness over, Dr Collard and Fiona Charles arrive to dispose of him, but Keel prevents any more gruesome deaths.


* mug shots in sepia denote images sourced from other productions.

John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
One-Ten Douglas Muir regularThe Saint
Fiona Charles Sandra Dorne regular
Dr Collard Hamlyn Benson
Carol Wilson Ingrid Hafner regularPolice Surgeon
Dr David Keel Ian Hendry regularNew AvengersDangermanPolice SurgeonThe SaintThe Sweeney
Stella Creighton Joy Webster
Not billed in TV Times magazine
Sharp unknown


Teleplay by Max Marquis
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by Robert Fuest regularNew Avengers
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Directed by Peter Hammond regular
Not billed in TV Times magazine
Story Editor Patrick Brawn regular
Story Editor John Bryce regular


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