• title card: Double Danger superimposed on two cars in a quiet street
  • publicity still: Dr. Keel treats Mace as Brady holds a gun on him while Lola looks on
  • publicity still: Steed visits Bartholomew
  • publicity still: Brady and Bert lie in wait for Dr. Keel and Lola
  • publicity still: Bert ties up Lola while Brady keeps a gun trained on Dr. Keel and Steed
  • publicity still: Steed and Dr. Keel ambush Brady and Bert in the graveyard

Series 1 — Episode 18
Double Danger

by Gerald Verner, adapted by John Lucarotti

Production No 3415, VTR/ABC/1340
Production completed: July 6 1961. First transmission: July 8 1961.

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