• Publicity still: Carol & Dr Keel tend the injured Frank Preston
  • Publicity still: Frank Preston dramatically lit by a streetlight, looking like Bogart
  • Publicity still: Dr Keel & Preston contemplate entering the sewers
  • Publicity still: Dr Keel enters the sewer while Frank holds his injured arm
  • Publicity still: Stacey & Rocky arrive at the sewer entrance with Carol
  • Publicity still: Steed peers from a doorway

Series 1 - Episode 10
Hunt the Man Down

by Richard Harris

Production completed: 12 March 1961. First transmission: 18 March 1961

Frank Preston leaves jail to collect his stashed robbery money, but thugs are waiting to beat him up for the location of the loot. Steed intervenes and takes him to Keel, but the gang now assume that Keel knows the location and kidnap Carol to make him talk. Realising that the thugs are in league with Stella, his wife, Preston forces Keel to take him to the money. However, before Preston can enjoy it or the thugs can sieze it, Steed arrives with the police to arrest them all.


* mug shots in sepia denote images sourced from other productions.

John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Paul Stacey Maurice Good regularNew AvengersDoctor WhoThe Saint
Dr David Keel Ian Hendry regularNew AvengersDangermanPolice SurgeonThe SaintThe Sweeney
Carol Wilson Ingrid Hafner regularPolice Surgeon
Stella Preston Melissa Stribling regularNew Avengers
Nurse Wyatt Susan Castle
Not billed in TV Times magazine
Frank Preston Nicholas Selby The ProfessionalsThe SaintIndiana JonesCallan
Rocky Gerry Duggan 007The Saint


Teleplay by Richard Harris regularThe SaintAdam AdamantPolice SurgeonThe Sweeney
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by Robert Fuest regularNew Avengers
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Directed by Peter Hammond regular


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