• title card: Kill The King superimposed on a blurry shot of a runway out the aeroplane window
  • publicity still: Mrs Carter introduces Steed to Major Harrington
  • publicity still: Steed prevents U Meng, disguised as a waiter, from assassinating the King
  • publicity still: King Tenuphon declares he will marry Ingrid
  • publicity still: glamorous shot of Ingrid Storm
  • publicity still: Prince Serrakit, killed when he saved the King from the Major's bullet, lies in state

Series 1 - Episode 22
Kill the King

by James Mitchell

Production completed: 30 August 1961. First transmission: 2 September 1961

Steed is assigned to prevent the assassination of King Tenuphon after one attempt fails. Major Harrington is already arranging a second try - the King will die from a sniper's bullet as he walks on his balcony. Steed does check for this eventuality, but the owner of the house opposite, Mrs Carter, does not arouse his suspicions. Steed's sixth-sense ensures that the King remains safe and the royal bodyguard disposes of Harrington.


Teleplay by James Mitchell regularCallan
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by Paul Bernard regularDoctor Who
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Directed by Roger Jenkins regularAdam Adamant
Story Editor Patrick Brawn regular
Story Editor John Bryce regular
Production Assistant Sylvia Langdon-Down regular
Floor Manager Patrick Kennedy regular
Stage Manager John Wayne regular
Call Boy unknown
Lighting Director Luigi Bottone regular (billed as Louis Bottone)
Operational Supervisor Campbell Keenan regular
Senior Cameraman Tom Clegg regular007Carry On..Adam AdamantThe SaintThe ProfessionalsThe SweeneySpace 1999
Sound Supervisor unknown
Vision Mixer unknown


  1. Unity Bevis (Unity Bevis-Jones) may be familiar to readers who saw the "Christian the Lion" videos on YouTube - she was a friend of the Australians who owned him and was a frequent visitor to their flat and shop.

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