• title card: Tunnel of Fear superimposed on a ghost train car entering the ride
  • publicity still: Dr Keel and Carol treat Harry Black
  • publicity still: show girls at the fun fair
  • Wickram, Maxie and Billy confers in their den
  • publicity still: Claire and Steed are chained up in the tunnel
  • publicity still: Steed, holding him fake cigarette bomb, calls for backup as Harry and Dr Keel keep them covered

Series 1 - Episode 20
The Tunnel of Fear

by John Kruse

Production completed: 3 August 1961. First transmission: 5 August 1961

Top secret information is leaking into Europe from somewhere in Southend and is it a coincidence that Harry Black, a recent escapee from prison, worked in the funfair? Closer examination reveals that the Ghost Train is more scary than it looks and Wickram is arranging the leaks. Trick cigarettes allow Steed to bluff the enemy into submission and Black is proved innocent: he was hypnotised and framed.


* mug shots in sepia denote images sourced from other productions.

Maxie Lardner Stanley Platts
Jack Wickram John Salew
Dr David Keel Ian Hendry regular}New Avengers}Dangerman}Police Surgeon}The Saint}The Sweeney}
Carol Wilson Ingrid Hafner regular}Police Surgeon}
Harry Black Anthony Bate regular}The Saint}The Champions}
John Steed Patrick Macnee regular} New Avengers}007}
One-Ten Douglas Muir regular}The Saint}
Mrs Mary Black Doris Rogers
Madame Zenobia Nancy Roberts Carry On..}
Claire Miranda Connell
Billy Douglas Rye
Sergeant Morris Perry regular}Callan}The Champions}The Professionals}Doctor Who}The Sweeney}
Not billed in TV Times magazine
Wickram's hencman unknown
carnival girl unknown
carnival girl unknown
carnival girl unknown
carnival girl unknown
carnival girl unknown
carnival girl unknown
carnival boy unknown
carnival boy unknown
carnival boy unknown
carnival boy unknown
fairgoer unknown
fairgoer unknown
fairgoer unknown
fairgoer unknown
constable Richard Pescud regular}
bystander Walter Sparrow Adam Adamant The Champions Randall and Hopkirk


Teleplay by John Kruse The Professionals}The Saint}
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular}
Designed by James Goddard regular}Callan}The Sweeney}
Producer Leonard White regular}Callan}Police Surgeon}
Directed by Guy Verney Callan}Police Surgeon}


  1. * Murray Hayne was originally cast to play Harry Black (and appears in all the known published cast lists); he presumably fell ill prior to filming and was replaced by Anthony Bate. (Many thanks to Alan Hayes for uncovering this pearl of wisdom).