• title card: ASHES OF ROSES superimposed on a fire engine rushing by (recreated by Richard McGinlay)
  • Publicity still: Denise does Carol's hair, unaware that Carol is subtly questioning her

Series 1 - Episode 9
Ashes Of Roses

by Peter Ling and Sheilagh Ward

Production completed: 4 March 1961. First transmission: 4 March 1961

Mendelssohn, a known arsonist, has been hired by the Beronnes to burn down their hairdressing salon for the insurance. Using Carol to gather evidence, Steed finds that the hairdressers will stop at nothing (including several murders) to achieve their aim. Steed's timely intervention prevents Carol from being the next victim of the firebomber.


* mug shots in sepia denote images sourced from other productions.

John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Olive Beronne Olga Lowe Carry On..Randall and HopkirkThe Saint
Jacques Beronne Mark Eden regularThe ProfessionalsDoctor WhoThe PrisonerThe Saint
Johnny Mendelssohn Peter Zander
Dr David Keel Ian Hendry regularNew AvengersDangermanPolice SurgeonThe SaintThe Sweeney
Carol Wilson Ingrid Hafner regularPolice Surgeon
Denise Heidi Erich
Not billed in TV Times magazine
Maurice Roffey Edward Dentith Doctor WhoThe Professionals
Linda Chapman Barbara Evans regularCarry On..
Jean Lewis Maureen Beck
Avril Nina Marriott regular
Sleeping Car Attendant Gordon Rollings regularNew AvengersCarry On..Pink Panther
One-Ten (Voice) Douglas Muir regularThe Saint
Night Watchman (Pritchard) unknown
Joe unknown
Daily Woman (Mrs Brewer) unknown
Fleur (Salon Assistant) unknown
Salon Customer unknown
Puppy Juno regular


Teleplay by Peter Ling regularDoctor WhoDangerman
and Sheilagh Ward regular
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by Patrick Downing regular
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Directed by Don Leaver regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Story Editor John Bryce regular
Production Assistant Verity Lambert Doctor WhoAdam Adamant
Floor Manager Geoff Smith regular
Stage Manager Nansi Davies regular
Call Boy unknown
Lighting Director Bob Simmons regular
Operational Supervisor Peter Wayne regular
Senior Cameraman Michael Baldock regular
Sound Supervisor Peter Cazaly regular
Vision Mixer Esther Frost regular


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