• title card: Dead of Winter superimposed on the frozen face of the man in the sack
  • publicity still: Steed confers with Argentinan investigstor Inez
  • publicity still: Dr Keuzer threatens a restrained Dr Keel
  • publicity still: Steed chats to Harry and Weber
  • publicity still: Willi embraces Margarita
  • publicity still: Steed disarms Willi

Series 1 - Episode 23
Dead Of Winter

by Eric Paice

Production completed: 18 October 1961. First transmission: 9 December 1961

Dr Kreuzer has developed the means to suspend life by deep-freezing. This new discovery could help the neo-fascist Phoenix Party sieze power. Keel discovers that the ex-Nazi Schneider was the first guinea-pig. Both Steed and him had thought the body was dead. Unfortunately, Kreuzer has Keel in custody by now and only Steed's timely intervention prevents him from becoming the next victim.


Teleplay by Eric Paice regular
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by Robert Fuest regularNew Avengers
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Directed by Don Leaver regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Story Editor John Bryce regular
Production Assistant Sylvia Langdon-Down regular
Floor Manager Robert Reed regular
Stage Manager John Wayne regular
Call Boy unknown


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