• title card: Please don't feed the animals superimposed on an open-mouthed crocodile (recreated by Richard McGinlay)

Series 1 - Episode 11
Please Don't Feed The Animals

by Dennis Spooner

Production completed: 30 March 1961. First transmission: 1 April 1961

Compromised government officials are leaking secrets to appease a sinister blackmailer. A pet monkey collects the information from the reptile pit at a private zoo. After Felgate, Steed becomes the next intended victim, whilst Keel follows the package to a drinks kiosk. The serving-girl is unmasked as the ringleader.


* mug shots in sepia denote images sourced from other productions.

John Steed Patrick Macnee regularNew Avengers007
Felgate Tenniel Evans regularDoctor WhoThe SaintRandall and Hopkirk
Carol Wilson Ingrid Hafner regularPolice Surgeon
Dr David Keel Ian Hendry regularNew AvengersDangermanPolice SurgeonThe SaintThe Sweeney
Christine Carole Boyer
Kollakis Harry Ross
Renton-Stephens Alastair Hunter
Yvonne Catherine Ellison
Sarah Genevieve Lyons
Barman Mark Baker
Harrigan Charles Bird regular
Not billed in TV Times magazine
Evans Richard Nellor regular
Man at Zoo unknown
Felgate's Boss (voice) unknown
Little Girl unknown
Woman (Kiosk Customer) unknown

Strippers, Strip Club Customers


Teleplay by Dennis Spooner regularNew AvengersThe ChampionsDoctor WhoThe ProfessionalsJason KingDepartment SRandall and HopkirkUFO
"The Avengers" Theme composed and played by Johnny Dankworth regular
Designed by Patrick Downing regular
Producer Leonard White regularCallanPolice Surgeon
Directed by Dennis Vance
Story Editor Patrick Brawn regular
Production Assistant Sylvia Langdon-Down regular
Floor Manager Peter Bailey regular
Stage Manager Barbara Sykes regular
Call Boy unknown
Lighting Director Peter Kew regular
Operational Supervisor Peter Wayne regular
Senior Cameraman Tom Clegg regular007Carry On..Adam AdamantThe SaintThe ProfessionalsThe SweeneySpace 1999
Sound Supervisor Peter Cazaly regular
Vision Mixer unknown


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