• title card: HUNT THE MAN DOWN superimposed on a street scene (recreated by Richard McGinlay)
  • Publicity still: Carol & Dr. Keel tend the injured Frank Preston
  • Publicity still: Frank Preston dramatically lit by a streetlight, looking like Bogart
  • Publicity still: Dr. Keel & Preston contemplate entering the sewers
  • Publicity still: Dr. Keel enters the sewer while Frank holds his injured arm
  • Publicity still: Stacey & Rocky arrive at the sewer entrance with Carol
  • Publicity still: Steed peers from a doorway

Series 1 — Episode 10
Hunt the Man Down

by Richard Harris

Production No 3374, VTR/ABC/1211
Production completed: March 12 1961. First transmission: March 18 1961.

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