The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

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Red/deep pink and black woollen jacket with fur collar

She wears deep pink and black woollen jacket with a black fur (possibly fake) collar and hem worn with matching skirt and black gloves, with black high heels (inside right). The jacket is fastened with three frogs. How do I know it’s red and black? The jacket turns up again next series when Gabrielle Drake wears it in The Hidden Tiger. Here’s a picture of it. Note that the fur hem has been removed.

Worn in:

Pale grey single breasted three-piece suit

Pale grey single breasted three-piece suit, two vents, felted collar, with matching bowler hat (Herbert Johnson & Sons — the milliner’s mark is clear at near right), cloth covered buttons, slanted pockets. Worn with a white shirt and a pale knitted tie.

Worn in:

Tailored wool suit with skirt

The jacket is tight at the waist with large chevron pockets over the hips, shoulder pads, fastened with four cloth buttons, and the hem forms a continuous curve from the button holes to the buttons. The skirt is also tight, and knee-length, Worn with black high heels, black leather gloves and a grey (?) roll-neck skivvy. It is also seen without the jacket, below.

Worn in:

Tailored woollen skirt

This is the outfit above, without the jacket and gloves.

Worn in:

Karate gi with pale belt (white or yellow).

Navy chalk stripe suit

Navy chalk stripe three-piece single breasted suit, single vent in jacket, three cloth buttons on chest, slit pockets. Matching waistcoat with six buttons. Worn with a white shirt and dark tie, with gemstone tiepin, and Chelsea boots.

Worn in:

Chinese jacket with straight skirt

She wears a Chinese jacket with straight dress. The jacket has no collar, vent slits on the hips, and reaches to just below the waist. It is unfastened at the front and held at the neck with a gold pin. Worn with a knee-length dress (long-sleeved, probably also red, with a thin belt), and black stiletto heels.

Black overcoat, grey overcoat

She wears a black textured double breasted coat, six brass buttons closing it, worn with a knee-length tight cotton skirt, dark court shoes and a black head scarf. A thick black pullover is worn under the coat.

He wears a variation on his favourite tan overcoat, this one is grey with a contrasting upper collar in black, over his grey suit.

Black overcoat with fur collar

She wears a black textured single breasted coat, large black buttons closing it with a fur collar, worn with a knee-length tight cotton skirt. This ensemble is briefly worn with a black bowler hat.

Navy single-breasted suit

He wears a navy single breasted three-piece suit, only two buttons on the torso, high waistcoat with six buttons, no visible pockets; with black bowler, white shirt and dark tie with a white spot.

Worn in:

Flounced silk blouse

A simple straight black skirt, knee length with a thin leather belt is coupled with a flounced fine silk blouse, cloth gathered at the tight cuffs and with a daringly plunging neckline — flounced down to the navel, and only Diana’s slender black bra prevents her modesty from being completely destroyed (see at right). Patrick Macnee cheekily avails himself of the opportunity to glimpse her treasures.

Ruffled silk blouse

A high collared white silk blouse (probably in response to Patrick’s wandering gaze!), the material gathered in radiating folds into the collar, and the cuffs ruffled. Worn with a (probably) green masculine waistcoat complete with watch chain, the waistcoat coming in under the bosom (now hidden by a white bra), and with black trousers. Later worn with the double breasted coat first worn in The Cybernauts.

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