The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

Page 9

Black dress

Black dress with two thick white bands across the breast (but not around the back), worn with black and white slingback dancing shoes.

Loose collared cotton dress

Loose collared cotton dress, styled almost like a polo shirt with three hard buttons, worn with pale flat shoes.

Sleeveless chiffon dress

She wears dancing attire - sleeveless white chiffon thigh-length dress with three bands of gold or silver near the hem, worn with white shoes and, briefly, a white mask. The dress has a deep neckline trimmed in the same metallic cloth as the bands on the skirt.

Formal white tie

He wears a black tail suit with white waistcoat and shirt, black bow tie and top hat. Worn with a black cloak with white lining, silver-handled cane and, briefly, a black mask.

White cloth

White sheet or towel, or perhaps a dress she hasn’t put on. Seems they like doing this to Mrs. Peel, it happens again in From Venus with Love.

White blouse, black and white hipsters

The white blouse is sleeveless and a low-cut v-neck, with a thick black neckline reaching to the hem at the belly, and piping each arm, it zips up the back. The black hipster trousers have large white turn-ups, and are worn with a thick white belt and Edward Rayne’s black and white boots.

White blouse

White collared blouse, with multiple layers of diagonally cut cloth across the breast. The rest of the outfit is not visible.

Black and white dress

She wears a black and white knee-length dress with black and white gloves. The body of the dress is black, with a plain neck, and either a zip or concealed buttons to fasten down the front, with three thick white hoops near the hem, the sleeves white with three black stripes at the cuff.

He wears his pale grey suit with a knitted tie, white shirt, grey bowler and umbrella.

Black skivvy / Rollneck blouse

He wears a black skivvy with dark trousers

She wears her rollneck blouse with the loose cuffs, Edward Rayne’s black and white boots and hipster pants which I strongly suspect to be orange (on the evidence of other promotional pictures).

White cotton dress

She wears a straight white cotton dress with long sleeves and blue and green embroidery. The embroidery is around the deep neckline (see detail) and descends along the forearms from the cuff. The dress is knee-length and waistless, and worn with flat white shoes.

Regency lady costume

She wears a Regency period costume in beige, brown and green. Obviously a replica costume rather than a reproduction, as it has hooks and eyes up the back. I suspect her Queen of Sin outfit is being worn underneath. She carries a velvet purse.

Regency dandy costume

He wears the outfit of an 18th Century dandy.
The jacket is chestnut, with wide lapels and knee-length skirt. It is worn with a white shirt with loose sleeves plain collar and frilled cuffs, a simple white cravat tied in a bow, high-waisted beige trousers and a waistcoat with a fleur-de-lys pattern. A gold-rimmed monocle hangs on a chain from the waistcoat. He wears calf-length black boots to finish the ensemble.

“Queen of Sin” black corset, spiked collar and boots

She wears her most famous outfit - the Queen of Sin costume.
Initially, all we see is a long black cloak and bindis over the eyes (near right and bottom right).
The cloak is then stripped away to reveal the full costume:
A black corset laced tightly up the back. The corset is straight across the breast and embroidered on all the panels, it has a black lace skirt of some four or five inches length which fails to conceal anything - it just reaches the top of the thighs. It is worn with black satin bikini briefs.
This is complemented by a spiked leather collar, complete with stainless steel dog chain with a leather handle (Mrs. Peel hold the end of it herself most of the time), and high stiletto heeled boots which also lace up the back, to match the corset.

Royal Navy Commander’s uniform

Royal Navy Commander’s uniform, including the big bushy beard and moustache.

British Army Major’s uniform

British Army Major’s uniform, from a tank regiment, including the neatly clipped moustache.
This is obviously why he gets on with Major General Goddard - they’re both ostensibly from cavalry backgrounds.

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