The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

Page 4

Leather jacket and trousers

Leather trousers, fastened ski-pant style with an elastic strap around the foot, worn with a matching leather vest-jacket (with leather laces up the front) and black rollneck skivvy and a leather peaked cap. Black athletics shoes with suckered sole.
Later worn with a fleece-lined black overcoat and black scarf.

Work in:

Dark polo shirt

Dark polo shirt with mid tone or black trousers.

Worn in:

Ugly cardigan

Indescribably ugly tan cardigan with fur panels on the front - it looks like cowhide to me. Worn with a black skivvy and tan slacks.

Worn in:

Black cotton leotard with black stockings.

Worn in:

Grey marle woollen dress

Grey marle woollen dress, knee length with thick boat neck and false belt with two buttons, entirely swamped by a huge thick fur coat, probably mink. She accessorises with an alligator skin handbag and silver high heels (briefly with black leather gloves).

Black bargee’s blazer

Black bargee’s blazer, brass buttons, patch pockets. Worn with a grey rollneck skivvy and dark trousers.

Grey woollen dress

Grey woollen dress, knee length with furred collar, with black leather gloves, zipped up the back.

Seude cardigan

Suede-fronted cardigan with twill riding breeches. Worn with a white shirt and dark cravat with a diamond pattern.

Work in:

Black spaghetti strap cocktail dress

Black spaghetti strap cocktail dress, knee length with a tasseled hem. Worn with a mink stole, black cloth gloves and black stiletto heels.

White quilted dress

Funerary dress with white fur collar and embroidered breast, ankle length.

Black overcoat

Black single-breasted overcoat with felt collar, worn with a black bowler.

Worn in:

Chauffeur’s cap

She wears a chauffeur’s peaked cap over a white head scarf, with a black overcoat, the rest of her outfit obscured (but it’s probably the leather outfit from this episode).

He wears a white shirt and dark tie, which he’s putting on. The rest of his outfit is obscured (but it’s probably the suit he wore earlier).

Pale skirt with matching jacket

She wears a pale skirt with matching ventless jacket with deep lapels, fastened with a cloth belt around the waist. Accompanied by a dark rollneck skivvy and black leather court shoes (initially with wellington boots).

Brown hunting jacket

He wears a rich brown hunting jacket with brass buttons (4 at chest, 2 to each cuff), two vents, with tan trousers, a white shirt and checkered cravat. Also a black waistcoat, cut high with 6 brass buttons, white gloves and a whangee handled black umbrella. Topped off with a short stovepipe hat, matching the jacket in colour. Initially with wellington boots, later with leather riding boots. The cravat is later plain white, and a slightly different jacket, with dark brown buttons instead of brass, is later worn with the plain cravat and no visible waistcoat.

  • A Surfeit of H2O
  • Maneater of Surrey Green (dark buttoned version) with a pale rollneck skivvy, later with the checked cravat over that
  • Silent Dust (dark buttons), first with a check waistcoat and pale cravat with gold pin, probably over a pale rollneck skivvy; then with a check cravat and pale rollneck skivvy; both variations with brown Chelsea boots, brown stovepipe hat and pale trousers
  • tag scene of Honey for the Prince [brass button version], with a cream cravat and dark waistcoat

Leopard skin print overcoat

She wears a leopard skin print overcoat, double breasted with six large black button. The coat is knee length, and hides the rest of her outfit. Her hair is up.

Shiny black PVC catsuit

She wears a shiny black PVC catsuit with two-tone hood. The suit has a collar and four large buttons up the front.

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