The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

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Leather catsuit with silver zips

Leather catsuit with silver zips - one up the back from collar to groin, and one from each collar bone to the armpit, and another zip along each forearm and presumably down the lower leg. Zips on the two hip pockets and two back pockets also, leather straps with buckles at the waist and collar. Initially worn with silver boots, gauntlets and sash, the sash and gauntlets are later removed.

Worn in:

Grey single breasted three-piece suit

Grey single breasted three-piece suit, two vents, flaps on the pockets, cloth covered buttons. Lapels on the waistcoat.

Worn in:

Ruffle-fronted blouse

She wears a ruffle-fronted blouse with high collar and straight cuffs, the buttons grouped in four pairs, and dark trousers with tapered leg. Worn with a broad brimmed hat, head scarf and long neck scarf with tasseled ends, plus dark short boots.

Worn in:

He wears his favourite tan overcoat, which can be seen in more detail here, with a black bowler and dark trousers and chelsea boots. Probably with a khaki shirt and dark tie.

Tartan tailored sleeveless top and matching hipster pants

Tartan tailored sleeveless top, zipped up the back with matching hipster pants, worn with Edward Rayne’s black and white ankle boots. Initially worn with a pale (light khaki?) collarless military style cardigan - pleated patch pockets and epaulettes, belt at the waist. (If anyone can identify the tartan I’d be most pleased.)

Plain v-neck pullover

Plain v-neck pullover, probably green, with a dark collared shirt, worn with a kilt (probably a MacGregor tartan), fastened with a metal pin, a plain leather sporran on the belt, knee-high green socks and thick soled flat shoes.

Blue lamé pantsuit

She wears a blue lamé pantsuit called Flash - hipster pants and collarless long-sleeved jacket fastened at the throat, with only a black bra underneath. Probably with silver ankle boots, although they could be blue.

He wears formal Scottish dress - black dress jacket with silver diamond shaped buttons (three on each cuff, three of each front hem, three up the chest, one on each epaulette), with a ruffled white shirt, dress kilt and feathered sporran, worn with knee-high Argyle socks and black brogues.

See-through white silk nightie

See-through white silk nightie with ruffled deep neckline and cuffs to match, a thin belt tied in a bow at the waist. Worn over a lace bodystocking with three-quarter length sleeves (or perhaps undershirt and briefs) [top left]; the colour promotional still [near right] has her just wearing high-cut white lace briefs under it.

SCUBA gear and swimming briefs.

Metallic green catsuit

Metallic green (?) catsuit with silver embroidery (including three frogs with metal buttons), ribbon belt tied in a bow and silver shoes, worn with a knee-length black and white flecked fur overcoat. (the image bottom right is the product of manipulating five consecutive screen grabs).

Nurse’s uniform.

Tartan skirt

She wears a dark rollneck pullover with a straight knee-length tartan skirt and black knee-high socks with black flat shoes. She accessorises with a gold pendant on a chain and an examination paper.
He wears his tan overcoat over his favourite Prince of Wales check jacket with tan trousers, dark waistcoat, white shirt, red paisley tie and silver cufflinks.

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