The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

Page 5

Military shirt with twill trousers

She wears a military style light khaki shirt with high collar, epaulettes and pleated pockets with twill hipster trousers with a thin black belt. This is later accompanied by a black double-breasted mackintosh.

Pink hipster suit

She wears a pink and black hipster pantsuit with black singlet top and Edward Rayne’s black and white ankle boots (initially with grey court shoes).

Pale tailored jacket

Pale tailored wool/twill jacket with synthetic fur collar descending to the hem. Worn with a matching knee-length skirt and black high heels.

Worn in:

Hooded coat

Hooded coat, the hood closed with a drawstring and toggles. Probably red, we don’t get a decent full-length view of this costume.

Embroidered evening dress

Embroidered evening dress. Knee length again, with an orchid pattern in appliqué and sequins down the breast as far as the waist. the patterns extends outwards over each breast. Later worn with a hip-length fur coat (below).

Fur coat / tuxedo

She wears a hip-length fur coat over the outfit above.

He wears a tuxedo with plain formal shirt and black bow-tie, later with a loose silk overcoat.

Worn in:

Purple velvet dress

She wears a purple velvet dress with white lace on the shoulders and long cuffs in a vine leaf pattern.
He wears his grey suit with a metallic silk tie.

Corduroy jacket and cotton skirt

Corduroy jacket and cotton skirt, probably khaki or brown, in a military style, the simple skirt has a webbing belt and the jacket patch pockets and a belt at the hem. First worn with a ribbed cotton 3/4 length sleeve collarless skivvy (sometimes with a leopard print silk neckerchief), then with a collared black and white check shirt.

Black rollneck skivvy and trousers

Black rollneck skivvy and trousers. The trousers are probably grey flannel but the lighting isn’t good enough to be sure.

Worn in:

White rollneck skivvy

White rollneck skivvy and bowler hat with a daisy in the band. The rest of the outfit is obscured by a hay bale.

Black stretch nylon catsuit

Black stretch nylon catsuit with (probably) orange quilted PVC tabard. The catsuit looks like it’s made of a stretch nylon, she may in fact be wearing stretch nylon hipsters with a black long-sleeved skivvy.

White blouse, black skirt

White long-sleeved collared blouse, fastened with small white buttons, with a knee-length black pleated skirt and black high heels.

Worn in:

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