The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

Page 6

Hawaiian shirt

Worn open collared and loose, with rose-coloured sunglasses and soft hat. Worn with buff slacks (when Steed’s pretending to be Webster at the fashion show).

Tweed hunting outfit

Tweed Victorianesque hunting jacket and plus fours, with matching deerstalker cap and novelty telescope, worn while Steed’s pretending to be Webster at the fashion show.

Tweed jacket

Bad Tweed jacket with garish striped tie and white shirt, dark trousers. Worn when Steed’s pretending to be Webster.

Black sleeveless blouse

Black sleeveless blouse with Chinese collar, six silver buttons down the breast, matching black trousers, worn briefly with the “salt and pepper” coat, of which we get a good view of the back here [right]

Riding apparel

She wears a Spanish-inspired riding outfit of tight black pullover and jodhpurs with a broad-brimmed hat, somewhat anticipating one of her outfits in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
He wears the same riding outfit he wore in The Murder Market, without the cravat.

Silk pyjamas

He wears pale silk pyjamas and a dark dressing gown, she wears her grey suit.

Mink coat

She wears a mink coat with integral hood over the next outfit (below). He wears his his dark-collared overcoat over a Prince of Wales check jacket and grey trousers, with a forest green cravat with gold diamond pattern.

Stretch nylon ski pants

She wears stretch nylon ski pants and a ribbed woollen rollneck pullover. He wears his Prince of Wales check jacket and grey trousers, with a white shirt and deep crimson tie with blue and orange flower pattern.

Charles Dickens fancy dress

He is dressed as Sydney Carlton, from Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities” (upper class apparel during the time of the French Revolution). Brown wide-lapelled tail coat with black and brown waistcoat with brass buttons, grey trousers, black boots and ruffled white shirt.
She is dressed as Oliver Twist, from Dickens’ book of the same name (early Victorian English gutter snipe). Black cap with a tassel, black jacket with white shirt, black shoestring tie, dark grey woollen trousers, cut very tight, with a light grey patch on the right knee.


She wears a thick ribbed woollen overcoat with large round furry buttons and a large furry collar and lapels. Worn with a white headband, white woollen gloves and rollneck skivvy. Everything else is obscured.
He wears a black overcoat, black rollneck jersey and black bowler (probably). It’s a bit too dark to see any details.

Navy t-shirt / blazer and tie

He wears his old school tie and blazer, with duck trousers and boat shoes
She wears his boater, with a navy t-shirt and hipster pants, the shirt having an “E” in white on the left breast.

The outfit above, augmented with a tailored tweed jacket with sweeping hemlines.

Grey skirt and sleeveless jacket

Grey skirt and sleeveless jacket, worn with a black long-sleeved skivvy, tam o’shanter and stockings, probably with brown shoes. The jacket is fastened with two cloth buttons, fastened in loops rather than buttonholes.

Sleeveless blouse

Dark sleeveless blouse with a v-neck, closely tailored and fastened with three large spherical black plastic buttons. the rest of the outfit is not seen.

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