The Fashion Guide to Series 4 (1965–6)

Page 7

Black long-sleeved top and hipster pants

Black long-sleeved top with black hipster pants and black and white boots, worn with a honeycomb patterned head scarf and snakeskin jacket.

Worn in:

Western fancy dress

Dream sequence:
He is dressed as a Western Sheriff, dressed only in his long johns, with his star pinned to them.
She is dressed as a Western town saw-bones - complete with rose-tinted glasses, bottle of rotgut and bowie knife.


Mrs. Peel wraps herself in a sheet when she poses for Clare Prendergast, and hoicks it up a few times as it threatens to reveal all.

Riding attire

She wears formal women’s hunt gear: khaki jodhpurs, black blazer and riding helmet (female type, with elastic), white blouse and woollen mittens with knee-high riding boots. Initially she wears a Burberry. [near right, bottom]
He wears his riding pinks, with a silk topper, white shirt and cravat, white riding breeches and tan-topped black riding boots.

Two-tone salmon jacket with crenellated hem

Two-tone salmon jacket with crenellated hem fastened by a single frog across the sternum, worn with a matching knee-length skirt, bright pink scarf and pale pink blouse.

Vinyl jacket with synthetic fur collar

Vinyl jacket with synthetic fur collar and hem, worn over a thigh-length grey marle dress, accompanied by black leather gloves, and her hair up.

White fine cotton blouse

White fine cotton blouse with loose long sleeves with long tight cuffs, three buttons down them. The blouse is buttoned up the back. Worn with plain black trousers and black heels.

White waiter’s uniform

Waiter’s uniform - white double breasted short skirted jacket, white shirt, black bow tie and straight black trousers.
The picture on the left shows both Steed in disguise, and the waiter he took it from. Does anyone know the name of this extra? He turns up everywhere but is never credited.

White PVC raincoat, cream hipsters

Cream or bone cotton hipster pants with two black stripes at the cuff, worn with a white PVC raincoat with metal fastenings, a sleeveless black top, black and white driving gloves and matching beret, topped off with Edward Rayne’s black and white boots. This outfit is a variation on Bates’ “Target”.

Worn in:

Cream hipsters, black sleeveless tops

The outfit above, without the coat and beret, revealing a thick white belt being worn with the cream hipsters.

Cream blouse and hipsters

Another variation on the outfit above, here worn with a black belt and cream long-sleeved roll-neck blouse with unfastened cuffs.
The jacket is piped with a contrasting black, chevrons around the button holes and a false belt with black diamonds either side of the buttons. the jacket’s cuffs have two black stripes to match the hipsters.

Worn in:

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