The Fashion Guide to The New Avengers

Series 2 (1977–8) Page 13

Purdey : Red dress

She wears a red version of her lace-up dress with a cyan and red twisted braid necklace.
Steed wears his favourite brown jacket.

Worn in:

Gambit : Beige jacket and flares

He wears a beige waterproof wincheater jacket - elasticated waist, two patch pockets, epaulettes on the shoulders. worn with a white pinstriped collared shirt and cream flared trousers.

Worn in:

Purdey : Brown cord vest and trousers

She wears a brown cord vest and matching trousers, similar to her barely-glimpsed mustard ensemble. It’s worn with a brown and white plaid shirt with Peter Pan collar.

Worn in:

Gambit : Pale grey cardigan and flared trousers

He is a symphony in monochrome - a pale grey shirt and matching flared trousers with an even paler grey cardigan.

Worn in:

Purdey : Electric blue bodysuit

She goes to a nightclub with the boys, wearing an electric blue shoulderless bodysuit with a matching jacket and thich necklace.

Worn in:

Purdey : Red short, white shirt

She wears a white long-sleeved blouse with a ribbed boat neck with red shorts and a red scarf.

Worn in:

Gambit : Mustard suit

He wears a well-tailored mustard single-breasted suit. It has two brown buttons at the waist and two flapped pockets with a wide notch collar. He wears it with a beige shirt and tie. He is presented with a Soviet medal which is hung around his neck on a red ribbon.

Worn in:

Steed : charcoal blazer

He wears a charcoal blazer with peak collar, with a cream shirt, gold and navy patterned tie and beige trousers. He also has his left arm in a white sling. He is presented with a Soviet medal which is hung around his neck on a blue and white ribbon.

Worn in:

  • K is for Kill : part 2 : cream shirt, gold and navy patterned tie, beige trousers
  • Gladiators : blue shirt, maroon tie with blue diamond pattern, cream trousers, brown shoes
  • Emily : blue shirt, maroon tie with blue diamond pattern, cream trousers, brown shoes

Purdey : Yellow crocheted dress

She wears a yellow and white hooped crocheted dress with pom poms along the seams of the hoops. The dress has a red and white twisted cord belt from which hangs a yellow purse. She wears a long-sleeved, collared blouse underneath the dress for modesty.

Steed wears his brown jacket with beige trousers, and Gambit’s wearing his cord jacket with light brown trousers.

Worn in:

Purdey : Pink and white jacket

She wears a hot pink and white weatherproof jacket, shoulders and middle are boldly white, the rest in pink, with drawstring at the hem. She wears matching stretch jeans and cream and pink high heels. She wears a purse hung around the neck in a deeper pink, and a white collared blouse.

Worn in:

Gambit : Blue suit

Blink and you miss it - Gambit wears a new blue suit with a pale blue shirt and a diagonally striped tie in navy and white.

Worn in:

Purdey : Red satin dress?

She goes out to dinner with the boys, but we only see the top of her outfit, a red satin affair, shoulderless and tied around the neck like a small scarf.

Worn in:

Gambit : Blue blazer

Similarly fleeting, he wears a blue blazer with a pale blue shirt and grey tie.

Worn in:

Gambit : Brown velour jacket and trousers

He wears a matching jacket and flared trousers in brown velour. Worn with a brown shirt, this outfit could only have been worn in the Seventies.

Worn in:

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