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The Fashion Guide to The New Avengers

Series 2 (1977-8) Page 14

Purdey : frost green dress

She wears a frost green calf-length dress with a matching choker with cream high heel sandals.

Worn in:

Gambit : cream check suit

He wears a cream suit in a tight check with a cream shirt and tie to match

Worn in:

Purdey : red spotted dress

She wears a red dress with white spots with a round collar and loose waist.

Worn in:

Gambit : brown leather jacket, brown cord flares

He wears a brown leather jacket with a pale brown shirt with thin check and brown cord flared trousers. He also wears brown boots.

Worn in:

Purdey : Floral blue dress

She wears a floral blue Ashley style dress, big red bow.

Worn in:

Purdey : housekeeper disguise

She wears a red dustcoat, white apron, and beige headscarf (as a disguise, over the outfit below).

Worn in:

Purdey : brown plaid skirt, ankle length, cream sweater

She wears a brown plaid ankle length skirt with a loose cream sweater and olive neckscarf.
It all gets shrunk in a car wash and she's suddenly wearing a miniskirt in the same material and a tight crean sweater.

Worn in:

Purdey : blue & white check blouse and tan skirt

She wears a blue & white check blouse, tan & cream vest, tavn skirt, brown boots.

Worn in:

Purdey : multicolour tracksuit

She wears a multicolour tracksuit - mostly white jacket with red sleeves, blue high collar, hem and cuffs, four blue buttons, and a green back. The trousers are red to match the sleeves, her runnig shoes are blue to match the collar and hem.

Worn in:

Gambit : cream and brown cardigan

He wears a cream and brown hooped knit cardigan with a white check collared shirt, black trousers and black shoes.

Worn in:

Purdey : blue wetsuit

She wears a bright blue wetsuit with "Purdey" across the back, when the suit is unzipped, we see she's wearing a matching undershirt with the "New Avengers" lion logo.

Worn in:

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