The Fashion Guide to The New Avengers

Series 1 (1976–7) Page 7

Purdey : Lilac and blue dress

She wears a gathered-neck lilac dress with false cape.

Worn in:

  • Faces, briefly with a bad blonde wig when disguised as her own double disguised as herself

Purdey : Black Salvation Army uniform

Purdey discguises herself to infiltrate a homeless shelter, wearing the severe black Salvation Army uniform, complete with bonner with red ribbon. Later, she removes it saucily, revealing her camisole.

Worn in:

Purdey : Pink dress

She dons another disguise, this time as a street walker, and wears a hot pink stretch dress with a silver belt, curly copper wig, brown fur coat.

Worn in:

Purdey : Blue silk pyjamas

She wears a pair of blue silk pyjamas with wide flared legs and short, flared sleeves. The top extends halfway down the thigh. The back has a printed design in white.

Worn in:

The New Avengers : in disguise

Our heroes disguise themselves in order to thwart the bank robbers. Purdey wears the grey jscket and white helmet of the helicopter pilot while the boys wear camouflage jackets and balaclavas to blend in with the gang.

Worn in:

Purdey : Orange dress

She wears a red,purple,orange checked v-neck dress with black piping and details. The dress is calf-length and short sleeved. She later puts on some clown makeup and an orange wig.

Worn in:

Gambit : red towel

Gambit poses for artist Annie Lambert and hurriedly grabs a red towel to wrap around himself when Purdey arrives.

Worn in:

Gambit : Brown cord jacket and trousers

He goes casual and wears a light brown cord jacket with elasticated waist and epaulettes. He wears matching flared cord jeans with a dark brown belt with large gold buckle, a cream rollneck and brown boots.

Worn in:

  • Dirtier by the Dozen
  • Gnaws
  • Gnaws : he changes out of the rollneck into a pale lemon collared shirt with pale green cravat
  • Hostage : yellow shirt with white collar, cuffs and placket, and a lime green cravat

Purdey : Safari suit

She wears a pale mustard blouse, cream safari suit jacket, orange/brown trousers and matching boots, later with a cream hat with a leopard print band.

Worn in:

Purdey : Red ankle-length dress with cowl collar

She wears a red ankle-length dress with a loose cowl collar and long wide sleeves. It’s worn with purple suede boots.

Worn in:

Gambit : Scottish regiment dress uniform

Gambit goes under cover, arriving at the barracks of a suspect Corps in the dress uniform of a Scottish regiment of the British Army. Khaki jacket, black cap, black trousers.

Worn in:

Gambit : British Army fatigues

He maintains his cover, changing into everyday camouflage fatigues of the British Army. He wears a black beret as part of the uniform, and later wears a regulation British Army woollen jumper.

Worn in:

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