The Fashion Guide to The New Avengers

Series 2 (1977–8) Page 11

Purdey : Blue-grey dress

She wears a greyish blue knee-length dress with a lace-up bodice, the decolletage extending squarely to the waist.

He wears his pale grey suit with a velvet collar and a blue tie with white spot.

Worn in:

Purdey : Yellow, green and red Kansai Yamamoto tunic

She wears a bold tunic in vivid red, green, white and yellow with a print of a shopping basket on the front. The back has another print, and the brand KANSAI in bold red lettering. The skirt of the tunic is split on each thigh and she wears red leggings, and yellow heels. She accessorises with bright yellow sunglasses on a matching plastic chain. Her hair has been styled in a shaggier cut for the trip to Paris. This is a Kansai Yamamoto design, Yamamoto is probably most famous for his designs worn by David Bowie in his glam rock phase.

Worn in:

Gambit : Green velour jacket

He wears a zippered green velour casual jacket with patch pockets and epaulettes. He wears it with matching flared trousers, black belt and Cuban-heeled boots, and a cream and blue striped collared shirt. It’s hard to tell if the jacket is actually velour or cord - it maybe be the same as his olive jacket but in a different shade.

Worn in:

The New Avengers : Evening wear

Purdey wears a pink and purple patterned evening dress with metallic strips on the cuffs.

Gambit wears a blue velvet tuxedo with a huge white bow tie and white dress shirt.

Steed wears his black tuxedo and black bow tie with a plain formal shirt.

Worn in:

Purdey : Ballerina’s costume for Swan Lake

She wears a white ballerina’s tutu, leotard as a costume for a Royal Ballet production of Swan Lake (in a flashback to 1970).

Worn in:

Purdey : Blue dress

She wears a blue ankle-length dress with button bodice, accessories with red boots (in a flashback to 1970).

Worn in:

Purdey : Blue nightie

She wears a pale blue nightie (in a flashback to 1970).

Worn in:

Purdey : Brown overcoat

She wears a brown checked overcoat and matching fur hat (in a flashback to 1970).

Worn in:

Gambit : Cream cardigan

He wears a cream ribbed cardigan & shirt, brown cravat with white pinstripes, brown flares

Worn in:

Purdey : Fuschia dress

She wears a fuschia dress with a high collar.

Steed wears his grey suit with a white shirt and a blue tie with white spot.

Worn in:

Purdey : Cream suit

She wears a cream suit with a pale brown & cream neckscarf.

He wears his brown/grey checked suit with a pale blue silk shirt and brown tie.

Worn in:

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