The Fashion Guide to The New Avengers

Series 1 (1976–7) Page 2

Purdey : Black wetsuit

She wears a black and purple wetsuit over the outfit below.

Worn in:

  • The Eagle’s Nest : she later removes it to reveal her metallic green blouse and skirt over a green bodystocking

Purdey : Metallic green and red silk skirt and blouse

She wears a metallic green silk shawl-collared blouse with matching skirt and scarf, designed by Catherine Buckley. They are worn over a green body stocking with high red boots. Initially covered by the wetsuit above, Purdey then reveals the entire ensemble, later dispensing with first the blouse, then the skirt when she engages in some fighting. At the end of the episode, she wears a German Army greatcoat over the bodystocking and boots.

Worn in:

Gambit : black wetsuit

He wears a purple & black wetsuit, later with grey running shoes and loosened to reveal a cream rollneck shirt underneath.

Worn in:

Steed : brown monk’s habit

He wears a brown monk’s habit with hemp cord belt, taken from an enemy to use as a disguise while infiltrating the Nazi stronghold of St Dorca. It’s worn over his grey country suit

Worn in:

Purdey : Blue t-shirt and white miniskirt

She wears a blue t-shirt with MIKE printed on the front in bold red lettering, with a tiny white wraparound miniskirt, high white socks, and white running shoes.

Worn in:

Gambit : Rockstar disguise

He wears a cream pirate shirt and jeans covered in patches with a brown plaited belt. He wears makeup to complete the glam rock star persona.

Worn in:

Steed : Tweed jacket and cream trousers

He wears a tweed jacket with a single vent; it has slanted, covered pockets and is matched with cream riding trousers and brown boots.

Worn with:

  • House of Cards : green waistcoat, blue shirt, brown tie
  • Target! : blue shirt, brown patterned tie, tan riding boots
  • Tale of the Big Why : blue shirt, brown patterned tie, brown Chelsea boots
  • Faces : blue shirt, brown patterned tie, brown bowler hat, umbrella and Chelsea boots
  • Dirtier by the Dozen : blue shirt, green tie
  • Gnaws : blue shirt, metallic brown tie

Purdey : Gold karate pyjamas

She wears a pair of gold karate pyjamas, thickly hemmed and embroidered in black.

Worn in:

  • Dead Men are Dangerous - with a dusky pink t-shirt underneath

  • Gambit : Navy chalk-stripe suit

    He wears a single-breasted 3-piece navy woollen suit with awhite chalk stripes. The suit has the trademark flared trousers, high-cut waistcoat with six buttons and the jacket two; the jacket has a single slit breast pocket and two covered waist pockets, sqaure to the cut, there are two vents in the skirt and three buttons on the jacket cuffs.

    Worn with:

    • House of Cards : white shirt, purple tie with white spots; he sheds the jacket to practice some karate
    • House of Cards : grey shirt, solid dark purple tie
    • The Last of the Cybernauts…?? : pale blue shirt and purple tie with huge white polkadots
    • The Midas Touch : pale blue shirt and purple tie with white spots
    • Tale of the Big Why : white shirt, solid navy silk tie (twice in the same episode)
    • Faces : pale blue striped shirt with white collar and cuffs, purple tie with white spots (twice in the same episode)
    • Three-Handed Game : white shirt with double navy chalk stripes, navy woollen tie
    • Gnaws : pale blue shirt, navy tie
    • Gnaws : pale blue striped shirt with white collar and cuffs, navy silk tie
    • Obsession : white shirt, navy tie
    • Hostage : pale blue striped shirt with white collar and cuffs, purple silk tie
    • K is for Kill : part 2 : pale blue shirt, navy tie
    • Emily : white shirt, purple tie

    Purdey : Purple patchwork midi skirt and white blouse

    She wears a signature Catherine Buckley skirt, a patchwork of vintage 1930s Jacquard material. This version is a split midi skirt, Catherine also produced maxiskirts and dresses in the same design and materials. It’s matched here with a scarf in the same material and a white lace blouse. She wears purple suede boots to complete thew ensemble.

    Worn in:

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