The Fashion Guide to Series 5 (1967–8)

Page 8

Yellow minidress

She wears a high collared yellow belted straight-cut minidress with with seven cloth-covered buttons, detailed with pale lemon patches on shoulders & cuffs. A particularly ugly costume, if you ask me.

Leather catsuit and silver boots

Emma wears a gorgeous soft leather catsuit with two silver chains across breast & stomach, pale silvery blue trim at collar, cuffs & waist. There is some argument about this catsuit which has long been described as being PVC but an interview with Diana Rigg indicated that it was leather.

White low-cut waistcoat and matching skirt

Emma wears a white low-cut waistcoat and matching skirt with a bright blue blouse. The waistcoat has three buttons, and Mrs. Peel wears a matching white skirt that ends about 3 inches above the knee. There seems to be a lot of material around the back, it looks as though she’s removed a matching jacket which is integrated with the waistcoat and the sleeves and shoulders are sticking out. The blouse is a mid blue with tan stripes, high plain collar and a single button on the cuff.

Mustard dress with yellow trim.

Emma wears a mustard dress with pale yellow trim on the belt, collar, cuffs & button holes (which become a large central pleat of the skirt). The belt is looped through two belt loops the same colour as the body of the dress, and loosely fastened. Note the ribbed seams at mid sternum, both front and back (top left and near right). The dress is accompanied by grey slingback flats.

Red jacket & miniskirt, white skivvy

She wears a red jacket very similar jacket to her green coat and fawn coat this time in a vibrant scarlet, note also the red silk lining.

Worn in:

Floral minidress

Mrs. Peel wearsa a vibrant floral summer minidress in pink, purple and yellow. The dress has silver buttons down the centre of the breast, long sleeves, a hot pink lining and is matched with lilac shoes and a large, oval-shaped watch.

Lime green sundress

she wears a lime green sundress with white trim in a curved X shape around the neck. No idea how long it is, or the styling of the skirt as Mrs. Peel only wears it sitting down, and we don’t get a good look at the outfit.

Frost green blouse

She wears a frost green blouse with tan trousers and a black belt. She contrasts the belt with a pair of white shoes.

Forest green jacket and skirt

She wears a forest green skirt (or maybe dress), with matching jacket. The jacket is high collared, with a cloth belt with modish buckle, and 3 buttons on the cuff, the skirt of mini length. The skirt has a subtle darker green diagonal tartan which ends about three inches from the hem - there’s a band of solid green to match the jacket at the hem [see a similar outfit in a white plaid elsewhere]. Note how the belt is fastened by being pulled through a frosted green metal buckle.

Worn in:

Pink long-sleeved dress

Emma wears a pink, long-sleeved, full-length dress with scalloped collar and wide skirts… it’s not on screen for long, probably because it’s inconsistent with the rest of the series’ wardrobe. All we can really see is the colour, a soft rose pink, and the high scalloped neck. Otherwise, we can see that it’s a long-sleeved outfit, with three cloth-covered buttons on the underside of the tight cuffs. The promotional still give a bit more detail, but not much.

Yellow sleeveless belted dress

Mrs. Peel wears a yellow sleeveless minidress with a vertical stripe of ribbing from the neck to the waist, and a thin belt incorporated into the dress.

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