The Fashion Guide to Series 5 (1967–8)

Page 7

Blue and yellow jacket

She wears a blue jacket with a blue & yellow diagonal plaid on a cream field, with a matching diagonal plaid sleeveless top & blue skirt. Worn with beige shoes & sparkling stockings (near right); and later also worn without jacket. Note that the jacket has two belts, and that the plaid material is under the collar, as well as being a yoke across the shoulders.

Green catsuit with white trim & laces

Mrs. Peel wears a green catsuit fastened with white laces and trimmed in white with a white wristwatch & boots. Similar to the blue and white catsuit worn in Something Nasty in the Nursery and Mission… Highly Improbable, it has the same oversized silver buckle on the belt (also purely decorative). Note that it has a zip up the back, the laces are just decoration. The wristwatch on its wide white leather band matches the laces.

Purple and burgundy silk pyjamas

Emma weears a pair of purple and burgundy silk pyjamas, very similar to the red and purple silk pyjamas worn in other episodes.

Green wool coat

Green wool coat, which is a thick houndstooth, and has a faux belt around the waist. It’s worn with a dark green sleeveless sundress, pale yellow stockings and yellow and green slingback shoes. It’s worn later without the coat, revealing more of the dress - its the same as the pink one worn in Return Of The Cybernauts, but in a dark green.

White sleeveless dress with thin blue and yellow plaid

She wears a white sleeveless dress with thin blue and yellow plaid with pale tan stockings and tan shoes. The dress has a band of tan at the hem about three inches wide, which matches the tan high-collared and belted short length jacket the dress is later worn with. Note that the belt had a diagonal plaid while the rest of the dress has a vertical plaid. The jacket is a tan version of the green one seen elsewhere, even down to the style of buckle on the belt, a simple circular cutout of a square buckle. Notice that the very short skirt of the jacket has a single vent. This outfit is fundamentally the same as the forest green outfit worn in Mission… Highly Improbable, except that it’s white and tan instead of two-tone dark green.

Pink woollen jacket

Emma wears a pink woollen jacket with wide dark pink belt and her pink sleeveless dress. Only one shot really establishes the length, but it’s at such distance that no details are really visible.

Grey jacket and flat cap

She disguises herself as someone from the kennels by wearing jodhpurs, tweed flat cap, grey jacket, pale grey t-shirt, and black riding boots.

Orange long-sleeved dress.

She wears an orange long-sleeved informal cotton dress, similar in cut to the striped dress seen in so many other episodes. It’s accessorised with a green watch.

Green and blue scarf with fawn coat

She wears a green and blue scarf with fawn coat & trousers with a white skivvy, large brown leather watch and white boots with a tan stripe.

Worn in:

White feathered crepe jacket

Mrs. Peel wears a white, feather trimmed crepe jacket with integrated belt which matches the length of her white crocheted A-line minidress with shoulder shoe straps. the outfit is completed by a pair of silver shoes.

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