The Fashion Guide to Series 5 (1967–8)

Page 4

Blue suede jacket and chaps or thigh boots

She wears a black top and trousers with a blue suede jacket with wide lapels. The ensemble is completed by matching blue suede thigh boots & belt and black gloves.

You can’t see it very well in the still on the left, the pictures on the right show more of the outfit. (One is from the same episode, the other is a promotional shot).

Blue catsuit with pink trim.

She wears a blue catsuit trimmed in pink - the trim is at the collar, belt, and sleeve inlays, the catsuit is zippered with a large ring at the top of the zip, and complimented with blue boots.

Worn in:

White skivvy & blue cardigan.

  • Worn in The Living Dead, when Mrs. Peel is stopped at a set of doctored traffic lights

Green a-line coat & trousers

She wears a beautiful frost green A-line coat and matching trousers with a yellow skivvy. Note the cut of the collar and button holes. Compare with the jacket worn in Epic

Worn in:

Red woven woollen jacket

She wears a thick woollen jacket with her pink sleeveless sundress in:

White overalls

  • Worn in the tag scene of The Living Dead while under Steed’s Bentley (not a euphemism)

Mid-tan/camel coat with large square lapels

She wears a camel coat with large, square lapels, it has a semi-quilted appearance due to the thich weave of the cloth.

As with most of Mrs. Peel’s coats, the hem is in line with the hem of her skirt, (or just below it) stopping a couple of inches above the knee.

Worn in:

Tan skivvy and stretch trousers

Mrs. Peel, possessed by Lola after a mind swap, dances around Steed’s apartment and canoodling with him wearing a tan skivvy and matching pants.

Tweed sports coat

She wears a tweed hunting blazer or sports coat in brown check with a white skivvy, tan trousers and white ankle boots.

Worn in:

Yellow suit

She wears a bright yellow suit. The jacket has large A shaped lapels and is double breasted with six buttons on the torso and one on each lapel. It’s worn with matching yellow trousers, a white skivvy & white ankle boots.

Worn in:

Black and silver catsuit

She wears a stunning black zippered catsuit with silver trim around the high neck and along the zipper, cuffs and belt. There is a large ring at the top of the zip. She wears it with black ankle boots.

Worn in:

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