The Fashion Guide to Series 5 (1967–8)

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Navy blazer and orange skirt

She wears an orange skirt with a navy blazer, cut with two large buttons on the far left, the overlapping hems angled upwards. she accessorises with a large orange and brown silk scarf that completely obscures her top, black gloves with a gold chain on the back, and pale grey shoes … later on, she removes the scarf to reveal a white skivvy and adds two tone white and beige gloves.

Worn in:

Navy blazer and lime green roll-neck and trousers

She wears the navy blazer seen above with a lime green rollneck and matching trousers, accessorised with white boots.

Lavender pant suit

She wears a lavender pant suit with a dark plum skivvy, white boots.

Worn in:

Orange catsuit

She wears an orange stretch jersey catsuit with navy trim on the collar, belt, sleeve & leg piping it has a zipper down the back and is worn with matching orange boots.

Worn in:

White fencing gear

Mrs. Peel disguises herself as Hilda to infiltrate the halls of SNOB, and then kills two men with her foil.

Red coat with white piping

She wears a bright red coat, high collared in a pseudo Indian style, piped in white and with white frogs. She wears it with a brilliant white miniskirt. A similar style to the scooped waist jacket worn in earlier episodes, but the piping and frogs are more obvious in this piece because of the contrasting colour.

Tan suede coat

She wears a tan suede coat with a high collar, a white woollen skivvy, tan trousers, and white boots. Note the low placement of the buttons on the jacket, and the exaggerated collar. Both are Alun Hughes trademarks. This is one of the outfits worn by Twiggy in her photo shoot with Patrick Macnee.

Blue catsuit

She wears a blue catsuit with white trim, zippered up a white plaquet at the front, ring at neck, larger metal ring at the false belt buckle. She wears matching white boots

Worn in:

Lilac suit

She wears a lilac jacket, skirt & stockings with purple skivvy. Similar to the lilac pant suit, but with a skirt.

Worn in:

Green jacket & trousers

She wears a pea green jacket and trousers with a white cotton skivvy & white ankle boots. Similar in cut to this jacket worn in The Living Dead and The Joker, but the buttons are markedly different.

Worn in:

Yellow collared jacket

Yellow collared jacket with diagonal ribs & matching skirt.

Worn in:

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