The Fashion Guide to Series 5 (1967–8)

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Purple shift over navy shorts

She wears a navy and purple art nouveau shift over navy bermuda shorts. The shift is light and short, a layer of patterned silk floating over the body of navy stretch cotton. The picture top left best illustrates this - a gossamer layer floats away from the rest of the outfit as Mrs. Peel turns around. A good indication of the cut and cloth comes from Twiggy’s photshhot with Patrick Macnee, she wears this outfit in the two shots which you can see on the right.
Dig! Isn’t Twiggy the bomb?
For some reason she’s wearing Mrs. Peel’s big plastic watch on her ankle. You can view a swatch of the pattern of the shift.

Tan ‘Little nothing’ dress with matching coat

She wers Alun Hughes’ tan ‘Little nothing’ dress & a jacket with a high collar and scooped waist.

The scooped waist - like a bell-shaped piece of cloth has been cut out of the front of the jacket - is visible the shots on the right, from From Venus With Love. top: Mrs. Peel is standing outside Lord Mansford’s vault, cocktail in hand, wait until “the clock strikes three”. bottom: She enters Mansford’s hall.
The image near right is from The Bird Who Knew Too Much, when Steed and Mrs. Peel are investigating Danvers’ body below the fire tower. For the rest of the episode she dispenses with the jacket.

Also worn without the jacket, revealing a tan long-sleeved dress (mid-thigh length) with white shoes.

Worn in:

Union jack and hat!

She wears nothing but a British flag during a photo shoot. Emma is advertising British Agriculture… somehow.
Tom Savage: “There! A sewing machine.. that’ll give them something to think about!”
Emma : “It’ll have them in stitches.”

White dress, ankle length.

This dress has six or seven small, cloth covered, buttons at the cleavage, which is quite low cut. It also has several layers of diaphanous cloth - there has been the suggestion that this is a housecoat or dressing gown or robe.

Purple garter suit with white trim

She wears a purple garter suit with white trim with white garter boots and a white hood/hat/windscreen. This is definitely the most outré of Alun Hughes’ gamrents worn by Diana Rigg.

White & oatmeal linen suit

She wears a stylish, well-tailored white & oatmeal linen suit & matching silk blouse. The trousers are made of two different fabrics to accentuate Diana Rigg’s long legs with additional vertical suggestion.

A brief appearance as the Avengers investigate the second murder in as many nights in the same office.

Orange hooded parka

Orange hooded parka, black trousers & skivvy worn with white gloves and brown ankle boots.

Maroon catsuit with tan trim

Mrs. Peel infiltrates Sir Lexius Cray’s house wearing it. The material has a heavy cross-weave that makes it appear quilted.

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