The Fashion Guide to Series 5 (1967–8)

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Mid blue catsuit

Emma wears a mid blue catsuit with pale blue trim, with a matching jacket & blue boots. The jacket has a fob watch on a chain.

Extensively used in promotional photographs at the beginning of the fifth series (mostly from the photo shoot at Beaulieu that accompanied Roy Rossotti’s shooting of the tag scenes), this costume was nonetheless little used during filming.

When worn without the jacket we see it has a high collar - like a rollneck - and the holes at the hips and the fob watch are more apparent.

Dark green suede catsuit

She wears a dark green suede catsuit, long-sleeved with large holes on the sides of waist & matching gloves and boots. Perhaps Mrs. Peel’s most obviously kinky pornstar outfit. Damned shame that. It should have received more screen time, if only for the prurient audience members. And boy, does she love wearing this outfit! Diana Rigg can barely contain the grin on her face when she’s filling in the questionnaire for Dr. Voss and mincing around the sculpture. Maybe it’s the cool air on her hips…

Red silk palazzo pants with a burgundy silk top

Red silk palazzo pants with a burgundy silk top with a long tail. The silk top is low cut and long skirted top with an electric blue lining, held by a silver clasp at waist & complimented with silver shoes. The pants are similar in cut to those of the pair of pyjamas, first seen in From Venus With Love. The picture bottom left shoes the clasp quite well, the picture bottom right shows the shoes and the electric blue lining.

Turquoise quilted jacket

Turquoise jacket, zippered, quilted silk, high collar, raglan sleeves, single 20″ vent in the back of the wide skirt, untailored, with no darts or pockets; worn with black latex gloves, and a tight fitting black long-sleeved rollneck skivvy and hipsters with a wide webbing belt. This jacket was also made in suede, below.

Worn in:

Blue suede jacket

Blue suede jacket, zippered, with a narrow collar, standard sleeves and a short skirt reaching only to the waistline, and a 12″ vent in the back, buckle at waistline; worn with matching miniskirt. This jacket, like the above, has no pockets, but is of a shorter length and finer tailoring, being quite a snug fit.

Worn in:

Georgian costume

She wears a Georgian costume - powdered wig, beauty spot, purple silk dress for a supposed trip back to the 1790s, but is diverted in the process. During the ensuing struggle she loses the wig, as the picture on the right attests.

Striped long-sleeved action dress

Striped (white/mid blue/dark blue) long-sleeved ‘action dress’, mini length, in Celon jersey. Notice how wide and loose the cuffs are; unlike some others in this style, which have a tight cuff (like this one).
In the notes that went with the fashion shots it’s detailed as an Alun Hughes design, available in these colours or natural/yellow/orange stripes, sizes 10–16, about 9gns. by Thomas of Mayfair, worn with Bata shoes and hair by Allan McKeown of Here and There.

This outfit was seen in many episodes throughout the series:

Pink sleeveless sundress

This hot pink, high cut, sleevelsss dress was a frequent visitor to our screens. Mini length and impeccably cut to fit Miss Rigg, it is both elegant and sexy. Note especially the chevron cut waistline, allowing for a fuller skirt.

Worn in the following episodes, and as a part of other outfits in other episodes:

Cream cotton piqué raincoat

She wears a cream cotton piqué raincoat with top seaming, & black skivvy, trousers, gloves & ankle boots. The white jacket has a high collar and large flap pockets.
The fashion catalogue listed it as “by Dannimac £8 19s. 6d. worn with a matching barrow-boy cap by Edward Mann (who made all the hats for the series), exotic watch on wide patent strap, by Old England (about £5), beige stretch stockings with single stripe by Echo (9s. 11d.)”

Orange print dress

She wears a yellow, olive, dusky pink and orange swirl print dress with a boat neck, probably in rayon. It zips up the back and is mini length.

Worn in:

Purple catsuit

She wears a purple catsuit in stretch jersey with blue trim - stripes up the front and back of the chest, as a false plaquet on the front, with two buttons, and for the zipper up the back, tabs on the collar tips, and the cuffs. There is also a blue stripe on the false belt.

Worn in:

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